Become an Internet radio personality with RadioDJ, a free Radio automation software

RadioDJ is a free radio automation software for Windows PC, that allows anyone to stream their very own Internet radio station. It’s supports plugins and is very easy to use from our testing, though we have no intention to run our own station to compete with the thousands out there today.

To become successful on the web with your own radio station, it all comes down to the type of app you’re using, the content, and the style that is capable of attracting listeners. We can’t help you with the style, nor the content, but we can help by explaining what RadioDJ is about, and whether or not it is worth using.

RadioDJ - Radio automation software

RadioDJ – Radio automation software

RadioDJ from our perspective is a lightweight freeware that will perform better than some tools that are similar in function. The freeware  should work just fine on systems with only 512MB of RAM and 1000 MHz CPU, which is great for those with limited resources to put into an Internet radio station.

We should point out that before downloading, make sure .NET Framework 2.0 or higher is installed on your system. You will also need to have a data program such as MySQL installed to handle the types of data the app uses.

RadioDJ comes in the form of a .ZIP file. The developer recommends that users must extract the file to the C drive. This must be done to avoid high-security settings.

To get things started, users must first launch database.exe to set up their database, after that, create a desktop shortcut for RadioDJ.exe, which will be used to open the main program. You will find it in the Setup folder. Once the database is created successfully, you can close Database Setup.exe and start RadioDJ.exe.

This free radio automation software comes with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for us to customize things to how we want. The user interface is also professional looking, something we don’t see a lot in other similar apps available on the web.

When it comes down to adding songs, users can easily add a single song, or an entire folder if they so wish. Yes, you will need music or any other form of audio to get your radio station up and running with RadioDJ. The audios can also be added to different categories, something users will want.

Now, for those using Muziic DJ, we can’t say for certain how that app works with RadioDJ. We are no expert at this, so for those who are, fire away in the comment section on how both apps perform alongside each other.

Overall, RadioDJ is great for those planning to run their own Internet radio. Some things might require a little bit of knowledge, but the user interface is good enough to help with that.’

Download RadioDJ from the official website. You will also see a collection of some excellent getting started tutorials there.

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