Quick Access Popup: Manage frequently used files and folders easily

Tired of navigating through multiple folders and reach to the file you want to use? Here is a small freeway tool that will help you manage all your important folders and also your work. We often need particular files and folders more frequently than the rest. Instead of creating multiple shortcut paths on your desktop, you can simply download this small utility tool for Windows PC and be organized. Here is a small guide on how to install Quick Access Popup tool and use it. As the makers of this tool introduce it, you can speed up your work with this multi-purpose launcher and folder switcher!

Quick Access Popup Tool for Windows

In order to use QAP, you need to have Windows 10/8/7. Downloading and installing the Quick Access Popup tool is easy as the setup file is only 1 MB large. It gets downloaded within seconds and installation is quite straightforward. The website of QAP has all sorts of support you will ever require while using this folder popup tool. There are FAQs, installation guides and even how-to videos available on this website.

Once the Quick Access Popup tool is installed, you can see its icon in the tray at the bottom. You can launch Quick Access Popup either by clicking on its icon, or by typing Windows+W. This is the shortcut for the QAP freeway tool for Windows.

How to use and features of Quick Access Popup to access folders

Using the QAP tool is also equally easy. When clicked on the icon, following menu opens up.

Quick Access Popup

It will initially show you startup menu.

My QAP Essentials

Quick Access Popup

When you install QAP, a configurable menu My QAP Essentials is created. But you can customize this menu: add features, move them to other menus or remove them, in addition to selecting shortcuts or icons. This is quite similar to ‘Recent Places’ in Windows explorer. You can see all your recent and open tabs and you can switch amongst them.  If you have recently closed a folder, you can see it in the ‘Reopen a Folder’.

Quick Access Popup

If you click on ‘Recent Folders’ you can see all recently visited folders. Access all your Drives through ‘Drives..’ tab. So in short, you can use Quick Access Popup to access all the files and folders present on your PC.

Quick Access Popup

Various Types of Favorites

The Quick Access Popup has a variety of Favorites. You can link your favorite folders, documents, applications, special folders and links with QAP. In addition to this, you can also link FTP with this tool. You can open FTP sites in Explorer with automatic login with user name and password inserted in site address. Along with this, you can embed features like Reuse an Open Folder, Add This Folder, etc. in any submenu and assign them the shortcuts and icons of your choice. If you wish to group your favorites, QAP lets you create a group as well.

Various tabs in Quick Access Popup

If you want to add or edit favorites, QAP offers four tabs to do so.

  • Basic Settings: You can create a favorite, menu name and assign the favorite’s path in this tab.
  • Menu Options: Here, you can select an icon, shortcut or favorite’s position in the menu. Using this tab, you can also set Windows folders icons to the images selected in QAP.
  • Window Options: In this tab, you can manage the position of window when opening a folder in a new window, available for Folders, Special folders and FTP sites, with a configurable delay when moving/resizing the window.
  • Advanced Settings: You can configure various advanced settings here depending on favorite types.

Hotkeys for favorites and sub-menus

Using Quick Access Popup you can assign a shortcut for each of your favorites (folder, file etc.). This lets your folders, documents, applications, web or FTP sites to be launched with a hotkey. Even submenus can be opened with their own hotkey. You can set a favorite’s hotkey in the Menu Options tab in the Add/Edit Favorite dialog box.

Other features of Quick Access Popup

Apart from the above main features, the QAP tool has several other useful features. These are as follows:

  • Navigation in Settings window
  • Creating a favorite by copying an existing one
  • Popup menu Hotkeys
  • Alternative menu
  • Exclusion lists (To exclude certain QAP mouse trigger)
  • File managers support

If you want to try Quick Access Popup, please download the .exe file of this freeware. A portable version is also available there.

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