Hands On with Project Murphy, Microsoft’s new Skype Bot

At Build 2016 this year, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella coined the term “Conversation as a Platform”, unveiling a whole new paradigm of intelligent conversational bots. It is fascinating to see how Artificial Intelligence now officially has regained its charm. This year, several tech biggies like Facebook, Slack and Microsoft itself, announced the integration of astute and clever chat buddies into their applications.

Project Murphy Skype Bot

Microsoft even introduced its own Bot Framework. The Redmond giant has revealed several new bots which can be used to interact with users offering different functionalities. One of such engaging addition to the bot family is Project Murphy, which takes the interactive conversations to new heights using cognitive services and machine learning.

Project Murphy Skype Bot

Project Murphy adds a BOT to your Skype Contact list with which you can have fun, asking the most stringent “What if…” questions of life. Based on your question, the bot analyzes the subject and object of interest in it and attempts to answer with a merged image depicting an imaginary materiality.

In its story, Microsoft tells that Murphy was created as an experimental project integrating several new technologies from Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite. It puts the power of Cognitive Services, Bing Image Search and Bot Framework in one capsule while including other existing Microsoft technologies like Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Data Lake, and PowerBI.

Today, we have decided to go hands on with this fantastic bot on Skype Preview app for Windows 10 Mobile. Here are some amusing questions that we asked Murphy and were answered with a rather witty response regarding a merged picture.

Question 1: What if Messi was a cricketer?

Murphy’s Response:

Hands On with Project Murphy - Microsoft's new Skype Bot

Now, who would say that it’s not a real person! That’s the magic of Murphy.

Question 2: What if Charlie Chaplin was a girl?

Murphy’s Response:

Hands On with Project Murphy - Microsoft's new Skype Bot

Question 3: What if Bill Gates was Superman?

Murphy’s Response:

Hands On with Project Murphy - Microsoft's new Skype Bot

Once Murphy delivers the answer to your question, that’s not the end of the conversation. You can ask for more pics for the same question by simply typing “More.” Murphy will again render a new merged image attempting to answer the question in a different way.

You can also send emoticons to express your views regarding the answer. If you didn’t like the face, you could get that changed as well. On the top of this all, Murphy is fair enough to provide you with attributions to the photo sources.

How to add or install the Murphy bot

Adding Murphy to your Skype contact list is very simple. You just need to go to Project Murphy’s official website and click on the Skype icon. You will be asked to log in to Skype with your valid credentials, after which Murphy will be added to your contact list.

Indeed, Project Murphy is an awesome concept and does provide some amazing results with face swapping. It is also available for Facebook Messenger and Telegram app. Additionally, it is currently in development for Slack and Kik app as well.

Tip: You can upload your own photo to Murphy and ask some “What if..” questions of your own. Murphy understands your privacy constraints, and that’s why it keeps your photos for 10 minutes so that it can answer your questions and then automatically delete the picture.

Well, that’s it, folks! Add the bot to your contact and have some fun with Murphy.

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