How to prevent Stealth Attacks on the Internet


  1. A good, well written article, but onto a more important and immediate situation.

    Below I have inserted a three of links for the latest ransom-ware [Called Cryptolocker]. NO security programs will stop this infection and at present there is no way to clear this out of your PC. I visit these sites on regular basis and are both safe and reliable.

    It makes no difference what malware program you have installed or whether your security programs are upto date or not NOTHING stops this infection.

    The following links will take you to
    1. A site with more information [bleepingcomputer]
    2. foolishit
    3. windows secrets

    I would suggest that folks make an image backup and keep this upto date by making a new image every few days.

    Might I suggest that you do an article on this and [if possible] make that article into a “sticky” thus keeping it at tbhe top of the Windows Club website.

  2. Yes. I read about Cryptolocker in news few days back but did not know it was this serious. Thank you for providing more information. I will research it and present it to others in a few days.

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