5 Best Personal Finance apps for Windows 10

At the end of every month if you find yourself thinking – where did the money go, then one of these personal Finance apps for Windows 10 is something that may help you plan your spending and finances efficiently. These Finance apps which are available in the Windows Store, help you to track its flow and limit your spending and create budgets.

Personal Finance apps for Windows 10

I’ve never saved much money by using any of the money management apps but I’ve for sure tracked my earnings and tried to know where I did spend a lot and where I did not. Have a look at these useful personal Finance apps for Windows 10.

Money Keeper

Personal Finance apps for Windows 10

Money Keeper is an amazing application with all the required features. It lets you maintain accounts, keep track of your income and your expenses. You can generate reports, see summaries and also forecast your expense. You can even create budgets to limit your spending and save some amount of money. The app also lets you can create debt and loan entries to track their repayment and stay reminded of the loans taken and given.

The app offers an option to create events and track the expense of those events separately from your main accounts. The best part about this application is that you can create an unlimited number of accounts and add as many transactions corresponding to those accounts and that too in the free version. The paid version removes some limitations. The app is available for Windows 10 PC as well as Windows Phone so you can log in with the same account and access your data seamlessly anywhere.

Money Lover

Money Lover is a fluid, easy to use expense tracker available in both free and premium variants and comes with great tracking and budgeting features. You can manage loans and debts using this application. Although the free application does not allow you to open more than a certain number of accounts, it should still suffice for most. The application is available for most of the devices out there and the app comes with cross-platform synchronization abilities. Also, there is a web app available too which can be accessed from any web browser anywhere. I use the paid variant of this app for my personal finance management on my mobile device.


This application is quite different from others in the list. Homeasy is a financial application designed to track the spending in normal households. Homeasy is a simple application and it does what is says. You can create your own monthly billing calendar which would include recurring bill payments, rents and all those monthly expenditures of your household. The application can also compute a predict month-end balance based upon your existing and recurring transactions.


MoneyPoint is a similar expense tracker that lets you keep track of expenses of yourself, your household or even a small business. MoneyPoint is a complete offline application and does not synchronize any data to other devices. All data is stored locally in the device and you can export data in form of reports and expense summaries. All other major features like expense management, budgeting, goals, and performances are offered by this tool.

Spending Tracker

Spending Tracker is another great personal finance app that tracks your monthly expenditure and generates category wise reports and summaries. With not many advanced features, Spending Tracker is quite simple to use. It can generate all sort of reports including weekly, monthly, annually, categorized and cash flow reports as well.

You can check out more of such apps here. Did we miss out on any? Do tell us in the comments section below.

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  1. SeppWinkler

    GnuCash is free and much much better than those apps.

  2. James Taylor

    I use Geltbox Money.
    Geltbox is a personal financial aggregator designed for homes and small businesses. Geltbox gives you a clear overview of your expenses, investments, loans and assets.
    Geltbox Money lets you sync to any financial website in the world.
    No need to use online financial aggregators, which are limited to certain financial institutions.
    Record your own downloaders and have them run automatically in your device.
    Can work in most countries in the world.
    Data and credentials are stored and encrypted locally.
    No need to give away your user names and passwords.

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