Password Protect the use of Internet Explorer


  1. Ok, I have Windows 8.1 and am trying to password protect the internet. I did the updated steps you provided, but when I put in a password, clicked apply, then OK, a message comes up that says “This user account does not have permission to save changes. You must log on with an administrative account to modify Content Advisor Settings”. I have only one account on the computer and it is already designated as an administrative account. What am I doing wrong?? Please help!

  2. You need to open a command prompt as administrator then run the command.
    Programs / Accessories then right click Command Prompt, select run as administrator

  3. on my win7 system i am already enable the content adviser but is it not protecting the websites any idea pls sujest me

  4. I have an old computer that someone put a password in a long time ago how can i remove it if i don’t know it?

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