Open .oxps files on Windows 7 with OXPS to XPS Converter Tool


  1. lol wow, oxps. That and Windows 7 and 8 not having a .hlp file reader built in, you have to download an update for that too. So win7 should get a patch via automaic updates to update the XPS reader to be able to read .oxps files. Why make users search for an update? Same thing with .hlp files, even though they are only used on old software

  2. Why can’t I seem to get around the XpsConverter tool? I tried to follow the instructions in the thread but the command window returns ‘XpsConverter.exe’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

  3. No wonder you can’t find the XpsConverter.exe because HF KB2732059-v5 will install OXpsConverter.exe to C:WindowsSystem32

  4. This is crazy. MS came up with that .xps nonsense and then decided that it’d be a good idea to their W8 users even more (yes unbelievable) by releasing oxps which makes it impossible to see files between W7 and W8. idiots

  5. This is ludicrous. I’m in an office, and it’s impossible to even tell what version of Windows the desktop is running. Has Microsoft EVER made anything intuitive and logical? It’s a rhetorical question…

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