How to open a stuck CD, DVD, Optical Drive Tray of your computer


  1. Whats wrong with a straightened paper clip, inserted into the little hole on the drive.

    Works for me every time..

  2. Sometimes the drive arm will hang down too far and catch the opening in the tray and keep it from opening. In these cases, use the paper clip to unlock the tray and gently pry the tray open from the edges. From then on, keep a CD or DVD in the tray and it will open and close normally by preventing the arm from hanging too low and getting caught.

    You can then decide to:
    1) Live with it
    2) Repair the drive yourself (Google will help you find instructions)
    3) Spend the $25 or so to replace the drive

  3. I have come across this a few times and have found that a light tap would open the drive for me.

  4. Thanks! I’d written off that drive over a year ago when none of the normal fixes I knew of would open the tray. I didn’t realize there was a manual release; after reading your article, was able to get the tray to eject.

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