Office EULA opens every time I open any Office program

When you install Microsoft Office in your Windows operating system, the first time when you open it, you’ll receive a license agreement prompt to accept for this software. It is known as End User License Agreement (EULA) and you have to accept it once. Now you can use Office without any hitch. But if this is not true in your case, and if your Office 2013 EULA opens every time you open any of the Office components, including Outlook, you’ll get frustrated.


This normally occurs if your User Account does not have permissions to modify the Microsoft Windows Registry. To solve this problem, you may try to reboot the system, log in as administrator and accept the terms once again.

Even if after doing this, you continue getting the EULA window again and again, then try this registry fix:

Office EULA opens every time

1. Press Windows Key + R combination, type put regedit in Run dialog box and hit Enter to open the Registry Editor.

 Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working while installing Office 2013

2. Navigate here:


> Ad



3. In the left pane of this registry location, right click over the key named 15.0 and select Permissions. You’ll get following window:


4. In the above shown window, from the Group or user names section, highlight the Users (Computer Name\users) option and in Permissions for Users section, check mark the Allow option against Full Control. Click Apply followed by OK. Now open any Office component program e.g. Word and accept the EULA.

5. Now go the the same Permissions window shown in previous step and remove the check mark which you have applied, click Apply followed by OK. Close the Registry Editor, reboot the machine and recheck the status if issue by opening any Office component, you’ll find that problem is resolved.

NOTE: On a 64-bit version of Windows 8/10, you may have to work with the following key, instead:


This should work!

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