No sound when playing MKV video files in Movies & TV app on Windows 10

We live in the world where technology is progressing rapidly and as it flourishes, the use of multimedia blooms. Video files have long been the backbone of entertainment, and there is a high chance that one might have come across a multimedia format called MKV files either sourced from other people or downloaded from the internet.

What is an MKV File

MKV files also known as Matroska Video files is an open source file format originated in Russia and hence acquired the name from Russian word called matryoshka which means Nesting Dolls. Basically, MKV files are multimedia container formats that combine video, audio, and subtitles into a single file. That is, a user can incorporate different video and audio files into a single .mkv file format even if the elements use a different type of encoding. These files are highly adaptive and easy to use.  Additionally, it supports almost any video and audio formats. Its worth to bear in mind that the MKV file is not supported by all media players as it is not an industry standard, but there are many options available to play MKV files.

Windows 10 is constantly updated to provide patches and service packs for immediate fixes in Microsoft Windows and its programs. The updates are obligatory and routinely released to enhance features in multimedia as well as security to protect Windows systems from malicious attacks.

No sound when playing MKV files in Movies & TV app

In case of multimedia segments, Windows 10 supports Digital Rights Management(DRM) – videos with various file formats like .mp4, .avi,.mov and others. All that is well, but some users have reported this peculiar problem of MKV video playing in the Movies & TV app without sound. Although the sound is working absolutely fine on the system, this issue is seen only for the file of MKV video formats. Also, its seen that there is a missing sound on the output interface.  Moreover, the video plays well with other media player except for Movies & TV app.

In order to play any video on your computer, it is necessary that the system supports proper codecs to play the video. The main cause for this problem is that the DTS audio used in MKV files are not compatible with those used in Movies and TV app. In this article, we discuss some solutions to resolve this issue.

1] Use VLC Media Player

TheMovies and TV app has some problem with DTS audio which is used by MKV file. If a normal update doesn’t fix the problem, then it is best to use a third party media player like VLC. Download and install the VLC from the official site and follow these steps to use VLC media player.

Locate an MKV file and right click on it.

From the drop-down menu select Open with and choose VLC Media Player.

If you wish to make VLC media player as the default browser for MKV files, right-click on the MKV file.

From the drop-down menu select Open with and then hit Choose Another App.

Select VLC media player in the new app selection window.

Tick the option with  Always use this app to open .mkv files.

Click OK.

2] Convert .mkv files to MP4

If using VLC media player doesn’t fix the problem, then its probably a problem with the .mkv file itself. In this case, you may want to convert .mkv files to MP4. It is also worth considering the fact that you can use VLC media player itself to convert .mkv files to MP4. Following steps will guide you in doing so.

Open VLC Media Player and go to Media Menu.

In the drop-down menu click on Convert/ Save.

Now upload the .mkv file and select the video format MP4.

No sound when playing MKV video files in Movies & TV app on Windows 10

Specify the destination and click Start to launch the process. That’s all.

Hope this solves your problem of playing mkv files on Windows 10.

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