Top 5 News Apps for Windows 10 to keep yourself updated

The world is changing at a fast pace and with it, changes the way news and information reaches to you. In an ocean of the potential news regarding various events around the world, it is more important than ever to stay updated with relevant and useful information from trusted sources. With Windows 10, Windows Store promises you with lots of News apps to keep yourself updated with the latest stories and trends. Trusted source for news is cardinally important and hence, we dug a bit in the Windows Store and came up with our list of trusted  News apps for Windows 10 that you can get your hands on to stay updated with the happenings of the world.

News Apps for Windows 10

The News apps we are listing down under are the ones which will keep you updated on any breaking news within a whole day cycle. With the power of notifications, you get the most out of it by having the news delivered to you – one swipe away. Take a look at the below list to know more.

1. CBS News

First in line is the CBS News which comes with an elegant UI. The app is available for both PC and Mobile and brings to the table some cool features like live streaming of CBSN News channel, live tiles for latest news and updates, add bookmarks and connect with the app via Cortana.

Top 5 News Apps for Windows 10 to keep yourself updated

When you first launch the app, you get a mixed view of latest trending stories all over the world. You can choose from a wide range of News bulletins. CBS’ MoneyWatch is also clubbed in the app itself where you get the latest info on the markets and businesses. Also, you have 24×7 access to several CBSN news channel shows and other live shows. All in all, this is a pretty neat app if you like to keep your head up for world news.

2. USA Today

For our friends living in the United States, USA Today is one of the reliable sources of news in the fast pacing environment of the country. With a beautiful UI that can be afforded by a News app, USA Today allows you to save articles for reading them later. You can pile the stories up until you get to your favorite time of day and then read the stories while sipping at your coffee.

News Apps for Windows 10

Another lovely feature is the Syncing capability using which you can sync your various Windows devices so that you can quickly gain access to latest articles in your bucket.

3. MSN News

With Windows 10, Microsoft revived all apps in MSN Suite, with a more refreshing and welcoming look and feel. While there can be a lot of News apps to take the challenge on, but MSN News app has got its own charm. Utilizing the most of UWP framework, the app feels the closest to a Windows 10 device. You can customize the topics and feeds that are important to you and start reading through the matrix of stories.

News apps for Windows 10

The app periodically adds the new sections (like Election news) to the top horizontal scroll bar where you can easily jump from the homepage. Images and videos are of good quality and you can view them internally. Moreover, you can personalize the app by using light or dark themes. Make sure to give this app a try if you’re on Windows 10 because users need nothing more than this to keep themselves updated.

4. Associated Press

Covering the dual aspects of local and global news, Associated Press remains one of the favorite channels for information flow, With an accurate and comprehensive presentation, people usually place their reliance on AP. A clean layout with the most recent and hot topics on the top helps you steal the story in a few glance.

Top 5 News Apps for Windows 10 to keep yourself updated

There are dedicated sections for local, international, tech and social news. You can also get local news on the top layer by providing your ZIP code while running the app for the first time.

5. NBC News

Last but not the least, NBC News has a lot to offers as an authentic News source for Windows enthusiasts. With the default section of Top Stories, you get the most breaking news on the edge. You can also view the episodes of several news bulletins from NBC News channel. Apart from this, you can add various other news sources to your main page in order to have quick look. With a subtle look, the app has its own taste to offer.

Top 5 News Apps for Windows 10 to keep yourself updated

That’s all from our list folks! Although there several other potential apps which can tickle your appropriate likes, but we wish you find any one of these as useful as it gets. Make sure to shout out in the comments section to let us know in case you have used any of these.

Fire up your Windows Store and search for them.

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