Is the new Windows 8.1 Start Button really useful, or is it just a ‘Placebo’?


  1. I am one who misses it and do use it regularly. The problem with the third party Start Buttons are that they are slow, ugly, unstable or a combination of all the above. I’ll be glad to have it back and working properly.

  2. No I didn’t read the part of what the new button does. To me that’s just a worthless addition. I spend a lot of time using a browser, not the desktop or start page, so I really see no use for another way to get to something I hardly ever see or use.

  3. I still won’t upgrade, I’d never use a touch screen and have finger prints on my monitor, Microsoft has let us down again.

  4. Start button without the menu is like a ladder with no rungs.
    Like many others I don’t like the jumping back and forth between desktop and start screen.

  5. I guess Microsoft just doesn’t get it. The start button is essential if they ever want Corporate America to use it.

  6. Hey man, the Start button is an habit – since 1995 – and you can’t change an habit for millions of people without complains. I got addicted to no start button in windows 8 in few days, but for
    non-experts people it a lot easier to use the Start button. The changes in windows 8.1 are very good indeed. The ‘Placebo’ effect doesn’t exist. If you believe something, it does has an effect, despite who believe it doesn’t!

  7. I’m pretty efficient when it comes to computers so I really don’t see how being a computer expert, or not, has anything to do with it. I prefer working with a mouse as much as I can and only use the desktop for a few things. They keyboard I use for typing, not shortcuts or hot keys. Very often I may not see my desktop for quite a few days. Having no Start button slows me down, a lot.

  8. I was asked on Facebook when I read a post about Windows 8 just customise it. My answer was why should I have to, needless to say no reply came. I re-installed windows 7 and that was difficult but I managed it and I’m glad I did

  9. I use stardock 8 its works well no bugs so far …Get it you don’t have to wait for the snail to arrive

  10. Been a Windows user since the beginning and felt that Windows 8 was a case of “too much/too soon” – Microsoft dove in trying to transition millions of users to a operating system that is more designed for “touch based” devices like phones and tablets than the existing base of desktops and laptops. Even though it offered several “improvements” over Windows 7 (and Vista & XP) the move from the traditional desktop to the Modern UI-based start screen overnight was a miscalculation. It took years for programs to move from the DOS environment to being designed for the Windows desktop. We’ve used the start button and menu since the days of Windows 95. Even Microsoft didn’t release a Metro-based version of Office at the same time (which they DID when Windows 95 came out – I stood outside CompUSA the night it came out and it was one of the few programs available for that OS – including a few Norton programs (Norton Navigator, Utilities and Anti-Virus…))

    Most existing systems are not “touch based” and the keyboard and mouse that most people are familiar with aren’t improved by the new Modern experience. Most businesses are not going to invest in the training required to move to Windows 8 – they’ll stick with Windows 7 (or worse XP) until they’re forced to upgrade their applications to newer versions… I installed Stardock’s Start8 utility on my Windows 8 laptop (which I upgraded from Windows 7) and spend almost NO time on the start screen.

    Until there are more apps that are ONLY Modern UI-based I don’t see a big move to Windows 8 (or 8.1) and the addition of a “Start Button” that only takes me back to the start screen ISN’T enough to change my feelings. It’s an admission that Microsoft might’ve made a mistake, but it’s not much of a solution – they needed to “start” a transition from the desktop to the Modern/Metro UI – not a wholesale abandonment overnight…

  11. Classic Shell has the best ‘close to the original’ start menu you are going to get. Go to As easy, free, download and install with no ‘hooks’ to advertise some other product like some of the other substitutes have.

  12. Its neither, they are just straight up trolling us now! Their marketing people must be apple users or something. I won’t recommend Windows 8 to my company or my friends because of this. This really is the first time i’m doing this with a new Microsoft OS… sad really. I can’t think of any reason to not even give us the OPTION of having the classic start menu. Unless the goal is to lose market share.

  13. I like being in my environment and not Microsoft’s I tried all this on 8 however in the end (with great difficulty) I reinstalled 7 professional, I’m glad I did now too. As Anand said the new start button doesn’t do anything

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