New Fonts in Windows 7

Microsoft ships an extensive collection of fonts with Windows to support users around the world in almost any language. Basic, clean and legible fonts are used by Windows to display menus, dialogs, labels, etc. These are commonly referred to as UI or “User Interface” fonts. Since Windows Vista, the system font has been Segoe UI, which was optimized for precisely this use.

new fonts windows 7

Windows 7 New Fonts

With Windows Vista, Microsoft included the ClearType Font Collection, Calibri, Cambria, Consolas, Constantia, Candara, Corbel and Meiryo.

Fonts are designed by people. Typefaces – fonts – don’t grow on trees or spring out of the ground; they are designed – drawn or constructed – by individual type designers, who usually labor in obscurity but whose work we make use of every day. Microsoft’s ubiquitous web font Verdana, for instance, was designed by Matthew Carter, probably the best known type designer working today.

Now, Windows 7 features over 40 new fonts. These fonts extend the language and script support offered by Windows. The new Windows 7 fonts were developed to enhance the Windows user interface for various languages and also the user’s online and offline reading experience.

Check out Microsoft Typography website and view all the 40 new fonts in Windows 7.

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