NETworkManager: Free and portable network manager for Windows 10

Are you facing any troubles while connecting to the internet or your own local area network? If so, you probably need a network manager to identify and fix the problem. Network managers are a category of software that lets you view stats, details, and perform operations inside a network. The tool that we are talking about today is called NETworkManager.

NETworkManager network manager software

NETworkManager network manager software

NETworkManager is a free, open-source portable tool that is capable of working around all types of networks. It comes with plenty of features and lets you perform almost any operation on a network. It is a powerful tool for managing networks and troubleshoot network problems.

To get started, the Dashboard area displays the current state of your network. It can show some devices and current internet status on your device.

Moving on to the Interface tab, here you can see some important details about the network adapter that you are using. You can also switch to other network adapters using the dropdown. Moreover, you can even view the bandwidth consumption and configure a few settings related to an adapter under this tab.

The inbuilt IP Scanner lets you scan the entire network to discover other devices. You can see all the details about the devices in your network. To scan a network, you can enter a custom range or go for a complete scan.

NETworkManager also comes with a built-in Port Scanner. Port scanners are good when you want to know what application is active on what port of your device or any other device on the network. It works in a similar fashion; you can enter the range of IPs and Ports that you want to be scanned.

Next comes the Ping tool; it is one of the most basic network operations that this tool lets you perform. The program can keep on continuously pinging the host until you manually stop it. This comes very handily when you want to observe the behavior of your website and stats like time. Or when you simply want to check if your website is accessible or not.

Traceroute is probably the most interesting tool in this application. It lets you track the path of a packet that you sent towards a host. Just enter any host’s IP or URL, and you can trace the path of a packet from your computer to the host. It will display all the devices in the path, along with their IP addresses.

Next tool in the list is DNS Lookup; this tool lets you view all DNS records of a domain name. NETworkManager also lets you choose a source of these DNS records. You can either look up in Windows DNS settings or move on to Cloudflare or Google Public DNS.

There are a few more tools available like Remote Desktop, PuTTY, Wake on LAN, Subnet Calculator, and much more. You can explore them at your convenience.

NETworkManager is a pretty robust application with a plethora of features. You must have this tool if you work a lot around computer networks. It has a beautiful and convenient UI that makes this tool more usable. You can download it from

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