5 best Windows Store Music apps for Windows 10

Music has always been the best stress reliever, a perfect combination of music and ambiance can mood you up and make your day amazing. Are you still listening to music on YouTube? YouTube is fine but in this world of million soundtracks and thousands of artists, we need to have dedicated Music apps that can mix and match and bring the best music suggestions based on your taste, create dedicated radio stations and also use lesser data.

Music apps for Windows 10

While the built-in Groove Music app is cool, if you are looking for more then you should consider a third-party app from the Windows Store. Most of the music apps also have an option to save tracks offline but that feature usually comes with a price. Here is a list of some of the best Music apps for Windows 10 which are available in the Windows Store.


Music apps for Windows 10

Pandora is an amazing music application that comes up with amazing personalized radio stations that play the music you love and the application also evolves with your taste in music and hence provide great suggestions. You can personalize your station and also browse hundreds of stations already created for you. Other than music, Pandora comes with an amazing set of features that make it more preferable over the other radio music apps. It comes with Live Tile, Cortana voice commands and automatic data synchronization over different devices. Few exciting features are also available for Xbox One users; Pandora lets you play music in the background as you play your game. Also, you can easily pause the track, skip it or control the volume within the game. This one this also functions as a Radio app.


Audiocloud is a third party implementation of SoundCloud API, it brings millions of track right in front of you. SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform that lets users upload and promote their creations and also listen to music created by other people around the globe. The UI is clean and nice. It keeps all the songs neatly organized and comes with other interesting features such as sleep timer and etc. You cannot download or save the music offline due to the limitations of the SoundCloud API but you can always create playlists and stream them from anywhere. Audiocloud is completely free and displays no adverts, there are in-app purchases but that are just for donation purpose.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn claims to be the world’s largest collection of online radio stations. You can listen to more than 100,000 online radio stations and all of them being played live. Other than music stations, you can listen to News, Sports and other radio stations as well. TuneIn Radio has a great clean interface, stations are categorized well and organized. The app is completely free but displays banner advertisements.


Shazam is not any conventional music application that lets you play music online, but it is an amazing application that lets you identify music being played around you. With a tap of a button, you can identify which song is being played around you. Next time you hit the club and you aren’t aware of the track, let Shazam do it for you. Once a track has been recognized, you can head up to Windows Store to buy it or to YouTube to view its performances and official videos. Shazam also comes with Cortana powered voice commands.

Musixmatch Desktop

For all those people who love to sing along, Musixmatch Desktop provides you with synchronized scrolling lyrics as you play your favorite music on Spotify or iTunes. All you need to do is, open up Musixmatch application and then play a song on Spotify or iTunes and that is it. Musixmatch has a large lyrics database and there is rarely an occasion that it misses out on any song. We expect support for more applications in the near future, rest the application runs amazingly well.

You can search for these applications and more in the Windows Store.

So these were the best Music apps available for Windows 10 in my opinion. Which is your favorite? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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  1. Alan Jeffries

    Groove music has never worked on our pc laptop and netbook it has never been able find our music files on them and is always asking you to pay to use the app everyone i known who has windows 10 has this problem .

  2. Audiocloud is the best of these by far.

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