Organize your movies with Movies by CraigWorks for Windows

Movies by CraigWorks is a new web application that is designed to organize all your movie files. It also comes with a home theater PC software built-in, so it should be good for those with several movies lying around.

To be honest, Movies by CraigWorks is not one of your typical movie application since it uses a web server to organize the movies, and the media player is one of the most popular around. In many ways, you could look at this as a web-based app than anything else.

Movies by CraigWorks

Movies by CraigWorks

The installation is straight forward. No surprises, just make sure Java Runtime Environment and VLC Media Player installed on your computer, and you’re good to go. Not all of us at TWC view Java Runtime as a good thing to install due to all the security concerns, so think twice.

We don’t like the fact that Movies by CraigWorks do not have a mechanism where it automatically downloads and install all the required apps. Instead, it assumes the user is knowledgeable enough to know how to gain access to these apps, and such is not always the case.

Once users get past the installation section, it gets easier. The user interface is surprisingly easy to use. It’s intuitive, so even the most novice of users will get around it in no time.

Creating new entries is just as easy. All that is required is for the user to press “Add Movie” from the dedicated section on the menu. From there, the user only needs to type the title of the movie and then make sure to click on the “Import” button to get things started.

The app will scour the web to locate all the needed information. How quickly it discovers what it needs to, all depends on your Internet connection speed. For us, it took less than 15 seconds. Yes, our Internet speed is better than yours, deal with it.

Users can create custom lists of movies, or organize them in a PG13 or R-rated section. The app also allows for streaming to mobile devices, a neat little feature that works well for the most part.

Thanks to the VLC Media Player that is integrated into the web app, users can playback almost any file format under the sun.

All in all, Movies by CraigWorks is a very comprehensive movie organizer that does it job very well. We only wish it didn’t need Java Runtime to work, but we can’t always get the things we want.

Visit its home page for more.

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