How to move OneNote 2016 notebooks from Windows PC to OneDrive

In this post, we will see how you can move OneNote 2016 notebooks from your Windows computer to Onedrive. A recent feature allows you to now not only to save the OneNote 2016 Notebook on OneDrive but also transfer the other files.

Microsoft’s OneNote notebook is a popular program for gathering and saving information in order to make notes and mayhap share it over the internet. In simple words, it is a digital form of a material notebook. The original version of OneNote is OneNote 2016 which was first released for Microsoft Office 2016. The notes related to this version are stored locally on computer devices. The most updated version that is being currently used is simply called as OneNote and is preinstalled in Windows 10.

While OneNote 2016 is no longer updated with new features, it is optionally available for the users who are using locally stored notebooks. The new up-to-date version of OneNote is a free version that comes with Windows 10 that automatically syncs all the notebook to users OneDrive account. OneNote for Windows 10 comes included with every edition of Windows 10, as well as Office 365 and Office 2019. However, OneNote 2016 is still available on preference, and it can be used side-by-side with the newer Windows 10 app. If you’re on Windows 10 and have Office 2016 or earlier, possibly you have both versions of OneNote installed on your computer. You can designate either version to be your default app for opening OneNote links and files.

However, if you are still using the original OneNote 2016, there is no such provision to use these notebooks with other versions of OneNote until it is stored on the local hard drive. In Order to use the notebooks created using OneNote 2016 with other OneNote versions like OneNote Online, OneNote mobile apps, or OneNote for Windows 10, users need to sync existing notebook in your local drive to your cloud-based OneDrive account.

It is also worth mentioning that syncing your notes on OneDrive offers several benefits like you can edit as well as read the notes across any devices and you can also share the notes with friends as well as collaborate irrespective of the location. In this article, we discuss on how to sync notebooks in OneNote 2016 from your computer to free OneDrive account.

Move OneNote 2016 notebooks from PC to OneDrive

Go to Start in Windows 10, search for  OneNote, and then click the app called OneNote from the search results.

Click the Show Notebooks button, and then click on  More Notebooks.

In the More Notebooks window, locate the upper-left corner of the OneNote window.

Click the notebook drop-down menu and select the notebook you want to sync.


Click Open Notebooks.

After selecting the notebooks you want to sync, a Save to OneDrive window will pop up.

Now choose the Microsoft account you want to use for syncing the notebook. you can either use a free Microsoft account or an account that is given to you by your school or your college or work.


Move OneNote 2016 notebooks from PC to OneDrive

If you are not currently signed in to your OneDrive account through Office, Click the Sign in button from the sign in a window.

In the  Add a service dialog box that appears, give your email address and click Next.

Enter your password on the Sign in screen and click Sign in.

Once you’re signed in to your OneDrive account, You will be able allowed to change the name of the notebook in the name box if you wish to change. A user can either change the name of notebook or retain the current name.

Now click Move Notebook to move the notebook to your OneDrive account,

Once you’re done, your local OneNote notebooks will be uploaded to the OneDrive account.  After the sync, you can still use the online notebooks in OneNote 2016, and everything you edit in the legacy app will be synced with the Windows 10 app.

Hope this helps!

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