Modern Tile Maker for Windows 8 released


  1. If you read the ReadMe file which is included in the download, you will read the acknowledgement by the developer: “…Thanks to the program Oblytile and the shortcuts it created as well as shortcuts for webpages created by Modern (Metro) IE I realized you could use IE as a base for the tiles…”.

  2. I used Oblytile, but when I create tiles with this it gives me an error.

    Windows Script Host
    Script C:Program FilesMTMT001RunFile.vbs
    Line: 11
    Char: 79
    Error: Unterminated String Constant
    Code: 800A0409
    Source: Microsoft VBScript Compilation error.

    Also can you add optional shortcut parameters just in case we want to add target lines tot he icon. Overall much simpler program than Oblytile, but if you help me with this error then that would be great :D.


  3. Ok I realized if you have obytile, and you install this. I ended up getting that error, and I tried opening up obytile, and making another icon. It made all my icons disappear and have a default looking empty icon.

    I used the refresh a couple of times, and it’s not detecting it. I even restarted, and still won’t make my icons come back. I even tried making an new icon just from obytile, and still doesn’t work. What is going on here?

  4. Ever since that VB error script on your program it ruined everything. Now I can’t even use obytile or your program. I uninstalled and reinstalled your program, and not even the modern tile maker icon appears on the start screen.

  5. I haven’t used this yet, but from the screenshots it doesn’t appear to have a backup feature for moving to a new OS or reformatting. Is this possible?

  6. It would be a really nice application but fur me there is currently an annoying issue.
    If I create a new tile everything looks fine, there is a tile with the picture and the text.
    But if I press on the tile I get an error message that the vbs script has ended.
    This is because in the vbs there is a ” missing.
    It looks like this: WshShell.ShellExecute “D:ProgrammeMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe
    At the and there is no “. If I add one it works but I haven’t got a tile image anymore.
    Can you release a bugfix please?

  7. Hi, after trying to use this program to create custom tiles, all my custom tiles began to show up like this:

    No matter if I create them via MTM or OlbyTile.

    I have tried the refresh button and restarting, nothing works.

    (any tile I create looks like this, tiles created normally via right-click + pin2start look normal; they still work, but the image is always this).

    Do you know how to fix this?

    Please Help XD

  8. I have requested the developer Lee to have a look at the commenst here. Till he does so, I request you to restore back to the good system restore point you have created before trying out this tool.

  9. I have question. Is someone using it with default browser other than IE? When I change my default browser to other the tiles look like in Gary Oaks image.

  10. For everyone who is having this VB-Script-Error:
    1. get the path to your .exe (or other file you wanna open)
    2. set up your tile with image, color, name etc.
    3. set the path-option to “Directory” and put in your file link
    4. click Pin to Start and enjoy your working tab 🙂

    (i don’t know if this even works when you already crashed the tiles with oblytile and restoring like some have descibed here)

    if you want to change something about your tile afterwards, you may have to find the path to your file again, it seems like they’re not always hold in the textbox

    i hope i could help some of you 🙂

  11. Have the same issue. But Internet Explorer as default dont work for me.

    Seems MTM after Oblytile, at 11 line open destination with ” but don’t close at end of the line. Closing line manually fix the app run problem but icons still not shown.

  12. I love a program like this but when I checked it with virus total, symantec gave it a bad reputation. The same happened to the Oblytile.

    Are these programs really safe? Hope stardock will release their own version, I will buy it, because I trust that company.

    Hope this comment reaches Stardock.

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