Microsoft Surface Dial fails to pair with Windows 10 computer

The Surface Dial is one of the most interesting innovations to come out of Microsoft, and it goes to show that the company is very much competent in hardware and overall innovation. It’s a unique piece of technology, and so far, the consensus is that it works well. Still, like every quality hardware out there, problems will arise, and thankfully, the Surface Dial doesn’t have many. However, there’s one particular problem where the Surface Dial fails to pair with every Windows 10 computer, so what’s the problem?

Surface Dial not pairing pair with Windows 10

You know, we can’t say exactly what is causing the problem, but what we can do is walk you through some simple ways that should render your Surface Dial useful again. Before you begin, make sure that there are two AAA batteries properly fitted inside.

1] Does your PC support Bluetooth 4.0 LE?

Here’s the thing, the Surface Dial only work with Windows 10 Anniversary Update and later computers that support Bluetooth 4.0 LE. Therefore, you should check if this is supported before doing anything else. We should point out that LE stands for Low Energy.

Fire up the Device Manager

Surface Dial not pairing pair with Windows 10

Right-click on the Start button, and simply click on the option that says Device Manager from the list of choices.

Locate Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator

From the Device Manager, click on Bluetooth, then seek out Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator from the drop-down. If it’s not there, then you are then required to purchase a Windows 10 computer that supports this standard.

2] Check if your Bluetooth is on

Bear in mind that the Surface Dial connects to your computer via Bluetooth. Therefore, it’s best to check if your Bluetooth device is turned on.

Check if Bluetooth is on and verify pairing

Open the Settings app by pressing the Windows key + I, then select Devices from the menu. From there, click on Bluetooth and make sure the toggle switch is set to on.

Pair your Surface Dial

Press and hold the pairing button that is located beside the batteries. Wait a few seconds until the Bluetooth light begins to flash. Now, return to the Bluetooth section on your computer, and click on Bluetooth or other devices.

Click on Add Bluetooth, then select Surface Dial. From here, follow any instructions, and then click on Done when everything comes to an end.

Go on ahead and check if your device is working as it should.

3] Is your Surface Dial connected to another computer?

It’s never wise to connect a Bluetooth device to two different computers at the same time. It doesn’t bode well for the overall user experience, so the best step is to disconnect the Surface Dial from the system that you’re not using at this time.

Now, if everything fails, then chances are the Bluetooth adapter on your Windows 10 computer is at fault. We recommend getting a third-party device that connects to your system via USB, then check if that works to fix issues with the Dial.

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