Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool, a recovery tool for an infected Windows PC


  1. Congratulations to Microsoft for offering tools to help remove Spyware.

    Does anyone know how to use this on a drive that has True Crypt?

  2. I hope this is like the Stand alone System Sweeper that was offered to enterprise customers. This looks like it may be more advanced.

  3. @IanH – The tool WILL format the drive.

    @Juan – Approximately 244MB. This will grow as the definitions get larger.

    Also I have noticed that once you make the bootable media, the SSS is the same exact version that is included in MS DaRT. This version provides the WinPE environment and ONLY has SSS. MS DaRT is created using the Recovery Environment that is on your Windows 7 disc and includes other tools.

  4. @redk, your answers are accurate.

    As for formatting the drive – indeed, first usage of the tool WILL format the USB drive.
    However, if the following conditions are met, when running the tool again, the USB drive will NOT be reformatted:
    1. The files on the USB drive are NOT damaged or missing (the tool WILL verify that.
    2. The version used to create the bootable USB drive is the same as the version of the tool being re-run.
    3. The same USB drive is used obviously 🙂

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