What are Microsoft Office Intelligent Services? How to disable or enable them?

To help you save time and produce better results, Microsoft collects some information while using its service. It mainly uses this information to perform a behavioral analysis and interpret the responses of a user. Based on it, the company offers features in its services that help you improve response times, maintain accuracy, ensure consistency and optimize outcome. It classifies all such features under one heading – Intelligent Services.

Microsoft Office Intelligent Services

Some of the features that rely on Intelligent Services include-

  1. Office Tell Me – a text field where you can enter words and phrases about what you want to do next and quickly get to actions you want to perform.
  2. Office Dictate – It saves you the efforts of typing. Just talk to dictate words (you need to have your microphone turned on)
  3. Editor – It helps you improve your writing in Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint by identifying words and phrases that might need more polish.
  4. Word Editor – Marks issues with red, blue, or gold underline for spelling, grammar, and stylistic issues, respectively. Moreover, it suggests you to either learn more about the error or find a way to correct it right away.
  5. Translator – Word can translate selected words, phrases or entire documents to or from 60 different languages.
  6. Smart Lookup – If you come across a word or a phrase that’s new to you, right-click it and select ‘Smart Lookup’. The feature opens an insights pane where you can find its definitions, Wikipedia articles, and top related searches from the web.
  7. Auto Alt Text – Office can help make your documents, emails, and presentations more accessible to people using screen readers by suggesting alt text for your images.
  8. PowerPoint Designer – automatically generates design ideas to choose from and works in the background to match the content to professionally designed layouts.
  9. PowerPoint QuickStarter – builds an outline to help you get started researching a subject of your choosing.
  10. Ideas in Excel – It empowers you to understand your data through high-level visual summaries, trends, and patterns.

As you may have guessed by now, all these features are a part of Office suite (Office 365 subscription). As such, they bring the power of the Cloud to Microsoft Office apps. However, Intelligent Services are not enabled by default. You need to enable them manually. Here’s how!

Open an Office app like Word, PowerPoint or Excel and choose the ‘File’ tab.

Next, choose ‘Options’ from the list that appears in the left Colum.

Scroll down to ‘Office Intelligent Services’ section and check the box marked against ‘Enable services’ option.

Microsoft Office Intelligent Services

When done hit the ‘OK’ button and exit, you have now enabled the Intelligent Services. If you would like to disable the same, simply follow the above procedure again and uncheck the ‘Enable services’ option.

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