Meet Microsoft Anna, the better half of, and successor to Microsoft Sam

Microsoft Anna is the new Text-to-Speech voice replacement in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Earlier in Windows XP or Windows 2000, you had theĀ  TTS voice known as Microsoft SAM. Microsoft Anna is the successor to Microsoft SAM and a major improvement at that, as she sounds more natural.

Microsoft Anna

To hear Microsoft Anna, Open Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Speech Recognition. In the LHS pane click Text to Speech. Here you can control text to speech properties and also hear Anna speak by clicking the Preview button.

Anna speaks only English and is installed on all versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 by default, except Chinese releases as they have their own Microsoft Lili, who speaks Chinese.

You cannot download and install Microsoft Anna as it is pre-installed only on Windows Vista and Windows 7. This means if you purchase Windows Vista or Windows 7 English edition, Anna speaks English, and if you purchase Windows Vista or Windows 7 French edition, Anna still speaks English.

Incidentally, Microsoft Mike and Microsoft Mary are optional male and female voices respectively, available for download from Microsoft. However Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike and Microsoft Mary do not work on Windows 7 & Vista.

Want to hear how they all sound? I came across these samples on Rob Chambers on MSDN blog.

Microsoft Mary | Microsoft Mike | Microsoft Sam | Microsoft Anna.

Go here if you want to meet Microsoft David, Hazel and Zira.

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  1. Tamara

    Thank you for this new bit of information. Never knew I had a Anna hiding in my PC. LOL.

  2. keivan

    it is possible to install anna on XP machines.

  3. Hotdog

    Anna is a TERRIBLE voice. No one likes it. Sam’s voice was much clearer and easier to understand. Anna mispronounces more words than Sam. Anna is also incapable of differentiating questions from statements or exclamations. Anna is NOT a major improvement!!

  4. Stephentechie

    I have windows 7 professional. I would like to be able to add a pause tag to let the document pause for a variable number of seconds. I see a tag online that appears deprecated for windows 7 — the tag looked like this pau=millisec So does anyone have any idea how i might be able to accomplish this ?

  5. Susie_cotter

    anna is a yuck voice. freaking annoying. how do you download a different voice and the setting are worth trash. the freaking voice reads every thing it is so not good.

  6. Microsoft Anna is horrible.

  7. Drew


  8. Noah

    I liked Sam I was able to make the roflcopter with him I still miss the sound of the roflcopter… soi soi soi

  9. Noah

    nvm I got speakonia
    yayayayayaywoot soi soi soi

  10. moonhoax

    how can you get anna to tell you your last login time

  11. goanna678

    I want sam so he can say SOI SOI SOI

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