MDB Viewer Plus: View and Edit Microsoft Access Database Files

Microsoft Database or MDB files are one of the oldest database systems that came into existence with Microsoft Access. MDB files were replaced with similar ACCDB files. These database files can be easily opened, edited and queried using Microsoft Access. But you might want to make a few changes to these files on the go, for that you need not have Microsoft Office installed on your computer. But if you do not have it, then a freeware called MDB Viewer Plus lets you edit and view the contents of MDB and ACCDB files on the go.

View and Edit Microsoft Access Database Files

MDB Viewer Plus

MDB Viewer Plus is not a replacement for Microsoft Access, but it can sort of help you get a few tasks done. The tool is completely portable and does not require any installation or setup. It uses Microsoft Data Access Components which are built into Windows to deal with database files. The tool is quick and super simple to use and can get your job done.

MDB Viewer Plus also lets you create a database from scratch. So, if you are looking for some freeware that lets you create and then populate the database, MDB Viewer Plus is a must then. Using this tool is quite easy, you can easily open existing database files and start editing them.

Table management features let you add new tables, view table info or delete existing ones. Once you have a table opened in the Tables tab, you can add/modify/delete the records. You can also modify the table design or schema for an existing table. Apart from that, while defining your database you can even add primary key and link different tables. Moreover, you can even add related child data and form relationships between the data.

Now coming to querying your data, MDB Viewer Plus lets you run all sorts of queries from the inbuilt query editor. You can load existing SQL code or write some on the go. Then you can execute the code and even save it in a separate file. Moreover, you can export or print the queried data as a text file. Also, there is an option to view the history of SQL commands executed using the query editor.

View and Edit Microsoft Access Database Files

Query Editor is a nice feature to have, but there is something even more interesting. MDB Viewer Plus also lets you search for something in your database. This is an important feature if your database has quite a lot of records. There are two types of search available, one is the table search and the other is the word search. Table search lets you search for some value for a field in one table. And word search is meant for searching multiple words in a string field.

MDB View Plus also gives you some great export features that can help you convert your old database files to a more acceptable format these days. You can export your data as a TXT, PDF, XLS, RTF, WKS, XML, HTML, DBF or a CSV file. These are some of the most commonly used formats these days.

There is also an option available to import data to the MDB or ACCDB file. The import wizard supports a wide variety of formats and lets you specify details on how you would like to import data. Import works flawlessly well and is a very useful feature.

MDB Viewer Plus free download

Overall, MDB Viewer Plus is a great tool to have if you are looking a quick alternative to Microsoft Access that would let you edit your database files on the go. It cannot replace Access in terms of features and other services but it can surely get your job done. Click here to download MDB Viewer Plus.

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