Minimize & maximize explorer windows in slow motion in Windows 7/8/10


  1. Very cool!
    In relation to this topic, how does one keep the Aero feature in Win-7 when you press Win-key and Tab together? ’cause when the keys are depressed, the first visible window just pops back again!
    Me knows in Vista that Aero feature would remain with all the windows in Aero view… even after depressing Win-key and Tab.

  2. How I can change the shadows of the windows and make them equal to the windows 10 and also change the way you open the windows as in windows 10.

    is it possible ?

  3. How can this feature be kept but maybe not as slow? Is there a way to slow it down but not have to hold a key so it always does this at a set-able speed somehow whether regedit or software? Would love to set it and forget it and just make it slower for fun without holding a key, no point in that except for fun which would get old having to hold a key so I can see myself doing this a couple times to show a friend or something and that’s about it.

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