Make Chrome work better with Touch-Screen devices

Windows 10 runs on a variety of devices. These devices include Desktops, Laptops, 2-in-1 hybrid devices, Mobile Phones, IoT devices, ATMs, Mixed Reality headsets, and more. Talking about the Mixed Reality Headsets and 2-in-1 hybrid devices – they use Touch and Gesture based interaction model, which may face issues while emulating the Win32 version of Google Chrome. This is not related to performance issues, or reliability issues, but are mainly based on the User Experience. Today, we will be checking out ways by which we can enable a better touch friendy optimized UI on Google Chrome that will help you improve your overall usability.

Make Chrome work better with Touchscreen devices

Make Chrome work better with touch-screen devices

Oen Google Chrome browser and visit this URL: chrome://flags

Look up for Touch UI Layout in the search box on the top portion of the page.

Then, toggle the appropriate entry to Enabled.

Restart Google Chrome for the changes to take effect.

This will enable the touch-friendly User Experience on Google Chrome.

Difference between Touch Friendly Mode & Default Mode

The difference between the Touch Friendly Mode and the Default Mode on Google Chrome is subtle. You will not be experiencing any major changes in the User Interface. However, the changes that you will find will be welcomed by you and will force you to think, why you never got this before.

When this mode is activated, all the elements aligned on the page are spaced adequately. This brings in space for touch and gesture-based inputs. Also, this brings in a clearer and adequately spacious user interface to be used by the user.

There are some particular things that are worth keeping in mind-

  1. This Touch Friendly Mode will work on a device no matter what form factor it is running.
  2. The other prerequisite for this mode to be available in the list of experimental features is the fact that you should be running Google Chrome version 72 or newer.

How do you like this new touch-friendly UI on Chrome?

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