Kaspersky Whitelist: Check whether a file is safe or not

Kaspersky recently announced their Whitelist Security Approach. It is a whole new concept to make the functioning of the antivirus program much faster and better. Whitelist is basically a database that stores information about different programs and files. You can check whether a file is safe or not by just simply entering its checksum or uploading the file itself.

Once the information is stored on the global database, you don’t need to scan the files again and again, the antivirus program would automatically retrieve information from Whitelist database. You can be sure about your files before installing or taking the risk of running them.


Whitelist is very helpful and informative. For a particular file, it can also tell you the Geographical Range (major areas of the world where it is ran). Other than the geographical range, it also tells you the number of daily, weekly and monthly users of that file. Because of such great features, Whitelist can also be used to record usage statistics about a program or a file.

Whitelist also tells you about the security of the file, whether it is completely safe or contains some malware. User Confidence is also displayed. This basically it tells you, whether it is trusted by other users or not? Whitelist also scans the file for authorized certificates, if the file is certified then it would show the green ‘Trusted’ badge on the program page. You can even view the further details about the certificate like serial number, validity, publisher and vendor. There is some basic information displayed on the same page. I mean, the file name, vendor, size and version. In addition to these, you can also check for MD5 and SHA1 checksums.

If you are a developer, then you may want to submit your apps to Kaspersky Whitelist, so that your users can assure themselves about the security of your application and it would also give you the program usage data.

For more services you need to register as Whitelist Partner click here. You can know more about Whitelist here. If you need to check for security of files go here.

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