How to install Windows 95 on Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 95 is a major nostalgia for those of us born in the 90’s. The 95 was our first encounter with a computer and apps like the MS Paint added to the joy. Fast forward to today, and the Windows has taken a quantum leap. However, the charm of the Windows 95 still seems to be intact. We have seen a slew of Windows 95 simulators, but today someone has actually compiled the operating system into an app that not only runs on Windows but also on Linux and macOS!

How to install Windows 95 on Windows 10

Felix Rieseberg, the developer responsible for the Windows 95 app has built it based on an existing platform. The electron platform supports a slew of old operating systems like Windows 95, Windows 98 and others. Both the source code and the app has been published on GitHub. I tried out the Windows 95 app and was impressed with the functionality.

Popular apps like the Wordpad, phone dialer, MS Paint, and Minesweeper work as expected. The Internet Explorer started hanging up on me. The best part is that the app is only 129MB in size and takes a paltry 200MB of RAM despite running a full-fledged Windows 95 OS with system utilities, apps, and games. If you are stuck at anything all you need to do is reset the program, and you are good to go.

How to install Windows 95 on a modern computer

Here’s how you can install Windows 95 on a modern computer. This cool Windows 95 app can be run not only on Windows 10 but also on Linux and macOS.

Download the app from Github and run the same

Once the Windows 95 is open click on “Esc”.

Most of the features are flawless and you can also head over to Control Panel and change the settings

Apps like MS Paint, Minesweeper, and Windows file explorer work as expected. The only exception is the Internet Explorer that hangs as soon as you open it. All said and done this Windows 95 app is a gateway to nostalgia and it is impressive how nearly all the functions are preserved. That apart, the GitHub description page also mentions that the Windows 95 supports floppy disk! Now, that’s cool.

Let us know about your experience with the Windows 95 in the comments section below.

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