How to improve LTE connectivity on Windows 10 with cX NetAdapter

Cellular connectivity on Windows 10 Laptops is getting common, and in coming years, especially with the e-SIM, it’s going to be mainstream. Keeping this in mind, Windows 10 has evolved its NetAdapter Framework for the mobile, i.e., mobile broadband USB net adapter driver. Its a new and improved USB class driver based on the NetAdapter Framework. While this is a new network driver,  it inherits from the Windows driver framework while bringing an accelerated data path. In this post, we will show you how to improve LTE connectivity on Windows 10.

Improve LTE connectivity with NetAdapter Framework

If you have a PC or Laptop which relies on mobile broadband or cellular connectivity, you can change the driver for your network adapter to make use of it.

1] Pre-Requisite:

  • Make sure you have Windows 10 v1809 or later installed on your computer.
  • Your computer has a supported SIM card and has USB modems. It also works with a USB dongle with SIM.

2] You will need to use the Net Adapter based MBB USB class driver as default driver to make use of this feature.

  • Use Windows + X + M to open Device Manager.
  • Go to Network Adapters > Generic Mobile Broadband Adapter or xyz Mobile Broadband Adapter.improve LTE connectivity on Windows 10
  • Right-click and select Update driver > Browse my computer for driver software > Select Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer, and then Choose Generic Mobile Broadband Cx Net Adapter.improve LTE connectivity on Windows 10
  • Click Next to complete the update.

3]  Reboot your computer so Windows can start using this driver. When carrying out these steps, ensure that the status of the connection remains Connected. Make sure to access a couple of sites to make sure the internet works.

If at any moment, you want to revert, just follow the steps again, and choose the default driver, i.e., xyz Mobile Broadband Adapter.

Its very good to see that after 20 years of NetAdapter Framework, Microsoft has now updated it to work with the e-SIM and Mobile broadband Ecosystem. As more, and more people work while travel, this will ensure that consumers get reliable connectivity and better speed.

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