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PDF is the most widely used document format these days, and very often we face situations where we want to perform simple tasks like merging or splitting PDFs, but our common PDF readers are not able to do so just because they are not meant to edit PDF files rather they are here to let you read those files. Let me introduce you to iLovePDF that brings to you a set of online tools that lets you merge, split, compress, unlock, watermark, rotate PDF files and convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, JPG files instantly on the go.

iLovePDF Online PDF Editing Tools

There are various tools included in the complete set, each of which is discussed in the post below.

Merge PDF

The tool lets you merge two more PDF files into one PDF file. You can upload the files in the order you want them to be merged, or you can simply drag and organize them as you want.


Split PDF

As the name suggests, the tool lets you split the PDF file and take out the desired pages out of it. You can create split ranges by mentioning the range of page numbers and then you also merge all the splits into one file automatically.

Compress PDF

Compression tool lets you optimally reduce the size of a PDF file without affecting its quality. There are three levels of compression available, namely Extreme, Recommended and Low compression.

Convert PDF to Word

The conversion tool lets you convert a PDF file to a WORD document. The conversion quality is so good that you’ll hardly notice any changes and the WORD document will be exactly similar to its PDF counterpart.

iLovePDF Free Online PDF Editing Tools

Convert PDF to PowerPoint

PDF files can be converted to a POWERPOINT presentation where each page of PDF will represent the content for one slide of the presentation.

Convert PDF to Excel

EXCEL converter works like a charm too, given that your PDF files contain tables and data that can be really converted to EXCEL file.

Convert Word to PDF

Converts WORD documents to a PDF format which is the best format to share a file over the internet or email.

Convert PowerPoint to PDF

Similarly, converts POWERPOINT presentations to a PDF format where each slide of presentation accounts for one page of the PDF file.

Convert Excel to PDF

Let’s you convert your spreadsheets and entire EXCEL file into a PDF file format.

Convert PDF to JPG

This tool converts each page of the PDF file into a JPG image and also lets you separately extract the images out of a PDF file.

Convert JPG to PDF

You can create a PDF file from a set of JPG image files. You can easily choose their orientation and also choose a margin. You can upload the images in order or re-order them once they are uploaded.


Add Page Numbers to PDF

This amazing tool lets you add page numbers to your PDF file. Page Numbers can be either added to a single page or facing pages. You can choose the location of the page number on the page and also specify a range of pages where you want to insert page numbers. Moreover, you can choose a font and also specify its size and also choose the format for page numbers.

Add Watermarks to PDF

You can insert text based or image based watermarks to a PDF file. You can adjust the font and its size. Moreover, you can choose an appropriate position for your watermark and also rotate the watermark to some common angles.


Unlock PDF

This tool can be used to remove the security from PDF files and free them from passwords and any other security.

Rotate PDF

You can rotate the PDFs to a proper orientation. The tool automatically detects and rotate the PDFs to a proper orientation.

All the converted PDF files are available to download from iLovePDF servers for approximately an hour or so. If you choose to register for service then you get some extra features like 2 hours of storage and other powerful features inside the tools for free. You can even opt for a paid account which again introduces more features and benefits. iLovePDF is a great set of tools and can be easily accessed when you are on the go.

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