How to backup Gmail emails using UpSafe GMail Backup Freeware

Running out of cloud storage on your Gmail inbox? Well if yes, then you must consider taking a backup of your entire Gmail inbox. Or if you would just like an offline copy of your account on your computer. The tool that we are talking about here today lets you take a backup of your entire Gmail inbox. The tool is called UpSafe GMail Backup and it lets you create an offline copy of your Gmail Personal and Company account. It lets you take a backup of your complete Gmail inbox including all its messages, attachments and files.

UpSafe Gmail Backup for Windows

How to backup Gmail emails using UpSafe GMail Backup Freeware

The best thing about the tool is that it works with both personal and company Gmail accounts. So, if you are looking for a tool to quickly take a backup of your inbox, you can use this tool for free. This is a small, easy to understand but powerful tool. You can easily get around it, and in no time you can set up a backup schedule.

To get started, you need to install the program. Once installed, you need to sign-in using your Gmail credentials and allow the app to access your data by granting some necessary privileges to UpSafe GMail Backup.

How to backup Gmail emails

Once logged in, you can hit the green Backup Now button to start the backup. The program on the left-hand side would display your account’s status and relevant options. And on the right side, it displays details such as backup location and available space. Starting a backup is very simple, and you can also cancel it between in case you want to stop the operation.

Once the backup is complete, you can view the backup and the emails inside it. You can also view the attachments and email headers. The tool takes a full backup of your emails which includes all your attachments, email body, and headers. You can also right-click an attachment and use the Save As an option to save the attachment at the desired location.

The program offers quite a few customizations. You can go to Tools and select Options to view all the settings. First, you can change your Gmail account. Then you can change the location where the backups are saved. And then you can define backup and archiving options. You can set a desirable archiving setting so that the emails are archived on your computer and deleted from the inbox after a set interval. You can also set archiving rules based on email size and from/to addresses.

Another interesting feature that UpSafe GMail Backup has to offer is backup scheduling. Backup schedules are very much customizable and give you great control. You can input general settings such as schedule name and description. Then you can modify the security options and grant the backup process the highest available privileges.

Moving on, you can also enable archiving. Archiving will create a copy of your messages on your device and will also delete it from your Gmail account. This helps in saving some space on your inbox storage. If you are on an unlimited plan or have not exhausted your storage limit, then you should not consider this option.

UpSafe GMail Backup is a great email backup utility. It works flawlessly well and helps you maintain an up-to-date backup of your Gmail inbox right on your computer. The tool is very seamless and easy to use. UpSafe also has different flavors of this tool which work with Outlook/Office 365 and other email service providers. Click here to download UpSafe GMail Backup.

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