How to apply old Windows 98 Plus! themes in Windows 7/8


  1. I’ll surely give it a try.

    In my Windows 7 too, I’ve the classic theme (not the 98 one)

  2. Man I think this won’t work very well on 64 bit based systems, I get everything working but the wallpaper and the screensaver 🙁

  3. you have to do all of that manually. I have 2 years of experience and i am not sure how much you have, but I know that

  4. If you download desktop architect (which is the image of the program up there_ it will work with any windows version. All you do is make the theme folder manually in the default install folder and they all install to there. I have never converted to xp, vista or 7’s themes, i’ve moved my folders to all of those winows and kept it classic. Desktop architect was created for windows 95 and it’s still available for download.

  5. Hello, I´ve just installed that in my Windows 8 32 bits. I´m looking for that opportunity for many year. Thank you very much.
    Travel theme is my preferred one 🙂

  6. Thank You! I was able to make the Strong Bad Theme work using this on my Win 7 desktop.

  7. If you can’t execute the themes with the application, you can always do it manually. That’s what I did, You have all the items to put them manually (wallpapers, cursor, icons, etc.). Just a little bit of patience.
    Thank you very much, Akand!!! I’ve been searching for them since XP was released.

  8. I so miss the old Plus programs. Still have all the disks. Loved the animations, the different rubbish bins, sounds, etc. Every Windows advancement, has meant the loss of the features I love. My new 8.1 system, has resulted in days searching and loading fixes to make it work more like Windows 7, which wasn’t as good as Vista. Seems crazy that I now have to alter the Registry. Anyway… old Themes will work on 8.1, but seems to stuff up the system fonts. J

  9. I’ve just tried running Themes.exe in Compatibility mode in Windows 8.1, it doesn’t see any themes and it’s in the theme directory.

  10. Poniendo la configuración de compatibilidad en Windows 98 (todos los archivos .exe que trae el paquete), funciona bien en Windows 10 🙂 ; pero trae alguna incompatibilidad cuando se accede al equipo con otra cuenta que no sea la del propietario.

  11. I’m using Windows 10 Pro 64. This royally screwed things up for me. Made my fonts irreversibly small and hard to see. Had to use a system restore to undo the damage.

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