Gravit Designer is the perfect free image editor for the occasional Graphic Designer

Are you an occasional graphic designer? Or do you love to design UI or draw illustrations in your free time? This free software called Gravit Designer is a perfect tool for you. Gravit Designer is a cross-platform photo editing and designing tool that comes with a load of features. It is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, Chrome OS and you can even run it from any web browser.

Gravit Designer software

To get started, since the tool is aimed to provide you with a streamlined designing experience it comes loaded with a lot of templates. You can choose the template based on the size of the sheet you want to take its print on. Or you can select a size compatible with various social media apps such as Facebook cover and Instagram post. If you are going to design a UI, you can select a size based on the desired resolution. Or optionally you can manually enter the canvas size or leave it empty for infinite canvas.

Gravit Designer

Once you’ve chosen a template, you will be taken to the editor where you can experience the intuitive UI of the tool. Unlike most image editors, Gravit Designer has the toolbox just below the file menu. On the left side, you can see the layers, and you can browse the included libraries for graphics and symbols. On the right side are the properties, you can select any object and change its properties from here. You can easily customize the UI using the View menu. Overall, Gravit Designer has been beautifully designed and gives a nice consistent experience across devices.

Gravit Designer has been designed to work with vectors. You can easily create new vectors and edit existing ones with the help of non-destructive Booleans, knife tool, and path graphs. Other than that, you can decide opacity of various objects and add blending effects.

If you’d like to keep the styling of objects consistent throughout, you can simply create a shared style. Once you’ve created a shared style, you can apply it to any object in that project or even apply it in other projects. A shared style can have common styling, fill, border, effects and text. Shared styles can also be synced over Gravit Cloud.

The tool also offers a variety of export options; you can save your work in PNG, JPEG, SVG, and PDF file formats. As mentioned, the tool has been designed to work with SVGs. So you can easily create one and save it either in SVG or compressed SVG (svgz) format.

Gravit Cloud

Gravit Designer can be extended beyond your computer with the help of Gravit Cloud. The cloud services also offered for free, and with every account, you get some cloud storage and access to the same designer tool right from your browser. You can directly save your files to the cloud so that you can continue working even if you are not using your computer.

Gravit Designer is written it JavaScript which makes it more compatible with all the platforms and even the web browser.

Gravit Designer is a great tool for hobbyists and even professionals. It is simple to use and gets the job done faster. The UI is clean and intuitive which enhances the overall editing experience. The inbuilt libraries of graphics and vectors are more than enough for your daily requirements. Moreover, the tool and related cloud services are offered for free. You can download the tool as an installer or a portable action from the homepage.

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  1. graphicsexpertsbd ltd

    I never use this software before. I love adobe Photoshop. but I wanna use this software for compare purpose.

  2. I used Gravit Designe Software. Really It is the perfect image editor software.

  3. Gustavo Reis

    Attention, Lavish and designers, extended SVG will be no longer free in the future versions of Gravit Designer.

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