goScreenCapture screen capture tool makes sharing easy

goScreenCapture is a handy screenshot tool for Windows PC, that lets you instantly take screenshots and it also offers some basic editing features that makes it a complete all-rounder. The tool is well-built and serves the purpose well. It is free to download but requires registration and e-mail verification which is free of cost.

goScreenCapture Review

To start with, like most other free screen capture software, there are three capturing modes available. With goScreenCapture you can capture entire screen, a specific window or a specific area of the screen. Entire screen capture is very understandable, in specific area you need to select an area as we do in Snipping Tool, and under specific window, you need to point up to the application window that you specifically want to capture.

goScreenCapture Review

Once you’ve taken the screenshot, a new image editor like window, pops up containing the screenshot.

Here you can edit the taken screenshot and then save it or just simply save it without editing. The editing tools are minimal, but you can always switch to other advanced tools for editing the screenshots.


goScreenCapture offers very basic editing tools like highlighter, lines, textbox, simple box and etc. You can even create your own custom tools based upon any of the above mentioned tools.

As an example, I created an outlined box with the help of simple box tool and a textbox tool with low opacity background and a custom font. You can create innumerous tools with color or some simple variations as per your requirements.


goScreenCapture features a few sharing options, they are:

  • To Clipboard
  • Via email client
  • Via ccDevnet goTransfer (transfer app by same developer)
  • To Microsoft Paint
  • To Facebook
  • Save As

Sharing to Microsoft Paint is a useful extension and lets you easily switch to MS Paint for a bit more advanced editing of captured screenshots. Support for more editing tools like Paint.Net, Photoshop, etc. would have been appreciated.

goScreenCapture is a great tiny little tool that serves the purpose, it can be very handy and helpful while taking screenshots and saving them. On top of it, the minimal editing features and variety of sharing features add a twist and thus making the tool worth the download.

Click here to download goScreenCapture. The tool is free but requires email registration.

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