Google Glass Review, Privacy, Social Acceptance, & Legal Factors

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  1. Nick

    Another control device as Google is funded by the US government. Google is a spy entity; Google buys and sells countless data-points about you. They are truly an evil and greedy entity. All of us should boycott Google and it’s sub-standard spy products. They want to take over the world.

  2. Arun Kumar

    Don’t know about the govt part, but yes – Google does spy. Was imagining what if future apps bring in facial recognition. Would it serve the country or would it be more danger? Also, read news that Google will allow FBI to search its data without any warrant. So probably, you are true about govt tie up also.

  3. Mike Meagher

    Everyone carries a cell phone and that phone can take pictures and can record video all legally so why not Glass? There are cameras on every street corner, in every business and the government can listen to your phone conversations whenever they want. All these Hippocrates making a big deal about the Glass when everything they do not is scrutinized every day and they go about with out a concern. Sorry Nick but the US gov already has taken over your life but your just don’t want to see it or maybe you just don’t care. Google glass will not make a difference or have little effect but because the media, which is controlled by the US Gov says so, people think it’s about spying. Who isn’t spying nowadays?

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