Google Drive vs Dropbox: Features, Software, Storage Plans Comparision

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  1. sdfs

    It should also be noted that as of this time, Google Drive’s desktop client is less robust than Dropbox’s, which has been tested and around for quite a while now.

  2. The_Artist_Formly_Known_As_WoW

    I get a half gig per user who I refer. Hasn’t the 250 amount been upped for everyone?

  3. Guest

    Dropbox has changed the 250 MB additional space to 500 MB. For refering a couple of people I now have about 7 GB free space available without paying anything. It’s easy to share with people and it’s very reliable. It’s also worth mentioning that you can restore files for a certain time after deletion, which I have already gladly used in the past. All in all Dropbox is a great piece of software with a good service behind it.

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