Get the Show desktop icon back in Windows 7 taskbar


  1. Microsoft needs to serve their PC customers, not the other way around.
    A customer buying an operating system update has already customized
    his machine to suit himself. The desktop appearance, font size, security
    choices, icons, internet provider and his other personal changes should
    be incorporated in his new machine as part of the new installation program.

    That software information is right there in the machine anyway, so use it! I hate the idea of rebuilding my laptop just because I updated to Windows 7!

  2. The quick launch tool bar is already in Windows 7. The process that is described is not really necessary to add the desktop icon.

  3. what a pointless thing to do, that’s already in windows 7 by default, it’s the little box on the very bottom right corner.

  4. Got the “Show desktop” icon by code – it appeared on the desktop.

    You don’t have to do the second step described in this article, just drag-and-drop the SCF file to the Quicklaunch.

  5. it’s the same way to change desktop icon back??
    my problem its cause by associates the file type with the chosen program when i use ‘open with’..can i use this way??

  6. i typed the address:
    C:User%Username%AppDataRoamingMicrosoftInternet ExplorerQuick LaunchUser PinnedTaskbar

    but it says does not exist. i typed my computer name under username and still doesn’t exist.

  7. I did everything you suggested and I now see the 2 files (the .scr and the shortcut)in the “…User Pinned/Taskbar/” folder but the Icon is NOT on the Quick Launch Bar. What am I doing wrong?
    Also, why can’t I drag and drop it there?

  8. I’m posting here out of desperation. I tried either your method (or another way to get the old XP style “show desktop” icon) some time ago and something didn’t work out quite right, and I unpinned the icon. But since then, whether it’s related to the attempt (or maybe not related,) when I have a folder (or folders) open, the icon on my taskbar is not the correct icon for a generic folder or group of folders, but rather it’s ALWAYS the “show desktop” icon. How can I restore the icon for folders that show up on the taskbar to be *folders* again ? Sorry if this is not directly on topic, but I think you might have the answer. THANKS !

  9. I think ir you don’t want it, and if its present location works for you, braval But frankly, the one in W7 doesn’t work for me and I have the right to work in my style, not yours.

  10. This doesn’t work. Besides- it is unnecessary- the “Show Desktop” feature is on the extreme right end of the task bar by the “time”.

  11. The feature at the side only shows desktop while mouse is there, but when you move the mouse, it all comes back! I need away that will show desktop until I click it again.

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