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  1. Copywriting is for the protection of the originator”s product. So, is removing their watermark really legal?

    But then I have seen some websites using watermarks on pictures that really are not their product. But they put their name on it. I am thinking of websites like Newegg, where they show pictures of the products but they do not own or have developed the product, yet, Newegg’s name is on the watermark.

  2. These free programs are legal however as a photographer I find it offensive that a website that I have foolowed since ith wan name the windows 7 club is promoting these copyright infringement programs when used negatively. Just be aware recently a court case awarede a photographer 60,000 claim against a Big Box Retailer for using their work without his consent. These and programs like this would never be used by a photographer. Our watermarks can not be removed because the name on the picture is not the watermark!!!! It is encrypted into the pixets of the pictures well above 128 bit level. Its program like these that have continued to put photographers out of business! I would ask The windows club to pleae use better sense when promoting free software that could put your followers in a huge financial mess!

  3. If i see like a cartoon owl and it has a stock watermark, i just wanna use it for my youtube emblem. Hell nah i aint paying for that

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