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Many bloggers, professionals and websites tend to add watermarks to their photos for copyright purposes, but there are times when they might not have saved the original copy of the image, so what should they do if they want the original image back, without the watermark? Usually, the original software used to create the watermark might not have the features to remove it, but that’s fine since there are several free options to remove watermark from images without ever having to hire a professional.

What we’re going to do is talk about some of these Watermark Remover software and then you decide which one is worth your precious little time. It should be noted that we do not recommend using such tools for removing watermarks illegally.

Free Watermark Remover software


For those who prefer open source projects, GIMP is probably one of the best image editing tools. It’s quite powerful, and users can do a lot of things normally done in Photoshop, but it’s more difficult and take a lot of reading.

On top of that, it’s great for removing watermarks from photos, and even repair point of view alteration brought by lens aim. If there are other taints in your photo, GIMP is capable of wiping it away, no problem. Download GIMP.


OK, so Paint.NET is a dedicated software for editing images. It’s not on the same level as Photoshop, but it’s good enough for removing a basic watermark.

To remove a watermark, launch Paint.NET, open the image with the watermark, click on the Clone Stamp tool, change the brush size, then click on CTRL and click on the background of the image to clone it.

After that, press and hold on the left-mouse key to, then move the mouse over the watermark to remove it. This is primarily for basic watermarks that aren’t too large. Download Paint.NET

Free Watermark Remover Online tools


This particular tool is not like the others because it’s based on the web, you know, an online tool. Now, it’s pretty simple to use from what we can tell. Just upload the image, use the Mask Tool to highlight the words you want to remove, and then click on the Play button at the top.

In just a few moments, the watermark should be gone. It’s easy, though not perfect, but at the same time, it’s free to use and easily accessible without the need to download anything to get started. Visit


If you’re looking for an alternative to WebInpaint, then we’d like to recommend LunaPic because it does a similar job, but not as intuitive. Every change made to an image means the entire page will reload.

It’s a bit annoying, and it also means editing images here will take a longer time to register and complete when compared to the other options. If you’re not one to care, then give LunaPic a try.

Let us know if you know of other free tools.

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  1. Copywriting is for the protection of the originator”s product. So, is removing their watermark really legal?

    But then I have seen some websites using watermarks on pictures that really are not their product. But they put their name on it. I am thinking of websites like Newegg, where they show pictures of the products but they do not own or have developed the product, yet, Newegg’s name is on the watermark.

  2. Jeffrey Gilbert

    These free programs are legal however as a photographer I find it offensive that a website that I have foolowed since ith wan name the windows 7 club is promoting these copyright infringement programs when used negatively. Just be aware recently a court case awarede a photographer 60,000 claim against a Big Box Retailer for using their work without his consent. These and programs like this would never be used by a photographer. Our watermarks can not be removed because the name on the picture is not the watermark!!!! It is encrypted into the pixets of the pictures well above 128 bit level. Its program like these that have continued to put photographers out of business! I would ask The windows club to pleae use better sense when promoting free software that could put your followers in a huge financial mess!

  3. Hey

    If i see like a cartoon owl and it has a stock watermark, i just wanna use it for my youtube emblem. Hell nah i aint paying for that

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