Best free Virtual Desktop Managers for Windows 10


  1. it’s free for private use. You only need to pay if you’re a company planning to install it on a bunch of computers or a school or something like that.

  2. I wouldn’t trust a software that would let you install an adware by default. Who knows what’s running its background!

  3. Recent versions don’t let you, and now it’s full of even more PUPs that install when you first start the program. Don’t touch it with a bargepole.

  4. dexpot is the best!
    I wish Microsoft will buy it to integrate in next Windows 10 build.
    Dexpot does everything you need for a power user experience. It replaces Linux desktop manager as well

  5. hello all
    I am under win7 and the only reason I would move to win10 is the virtual desktops; so good news if I can just add that feature to win7;
    after reading these posts, can someone confirm I can install DEXPOT for free for private use?
    what is the procedure for not getting adverts or malware (I run MalwareBytes?
    thanks a lot !

  6. You’re ignorant. The guys who make the software have put so much of their personal time into it long before seeing any return from their investment. They’ve produced a pretty damn good product and allowed it to be used privately at no cost. Trust me, software developers really don’t want to include such things with their software but sometimes that decision gets made for them by various external factors and reasons often times not under their full control. Nothing is running in the background of their software product.

  7. Java, from Oracle, does that too. As many other respectable companies do. You cannot blame them for making money with free software out of the stupidity of users that don’t even take a look at what they are clicking “next” for.

  8. Dexpot is the hands down winner. Great app with lots of customization options and as far as i know, the only one of its kind that supports desktops with customizable desktop items/icons, thus the only one which deserves the designation of “Virtual Desktop”. Also it’s free for private use does not install malware.. Microsoft should have integrated this into Windows 10 instead of providing yet another “Virtual Monitor” as their implementation is definitely not a “Virtual Desktop”.

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