Top 3 free Virtual Desktop Managers for Windows 10/8/7

Virtual Desktop Manager is a tool that helps user to distribute and organize the work load on a computer. These programs allow users, to manage the virtual space of a computer – it acts like a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to organize the desktop clutter. These virtual desktop software are designed to extend the physical limit of the screen’s display area.

There are two ways in which Virtual Desktop Managers or VDM software work. By creating single virtual screen beyond the size of physical device and switchable virtual desktops, SVD allows user to create virtual replica of the virtual image, and by extending them with running single virtual desktop thread console.

Free Virtual Desktop Manager for Windows

Till date there is only one Desktop available in the Windows operating system. In the upcoming Windows 9 OS we are expecting a built-in virtual desktop manager tool to be present, along with some advanced feature. But for now we have plethora of such third party tools that do the job perfectly. A few of the best Virtual Desktop Manager software are Dexpot & VirtuaWin. We will talk about these VDM tool in this article, catch us after the jump!

Sysinternals Desktops

Virtual Desktop Managers

Desktops v 2.0 is an old program from Sysinternals, that allows user to extend screen up to four virtual desktops. The tool helps user to distribute work clutter on its 4 virtual desktop console. The tool creates windows desktop object for each virtual screen and keeps in memory which virtual monitor has what stored and running. By default Windows doesn’t have a feature to move explorer program from one virtual screen to another, hence it makes the program light weight and less resource hungry application to run. Desktops application can be installed even on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and higher OS. Grab it from Microsoft.

Dexpot software

Virtual Desktop Managers

Dexpot is a third party virtual desktop manager that allows user to create up to 20 virtual screen, each console offers its own customization options like screen resolution, wallpaper, keyboard shortcuts, navigation functionality etc. Switching between different consoles can be done with the help of hot keys or from tray icon. The user interface of the application is pretty neat and tidy and offers easy to use & configure the application on the go.

Apart from virtual desktop sharing, Dexpot also offers enhanced feature like 3D transition effect, stylish wallpaper customization, mouse events, desktop slideshow etc. with the help of additional Dexpot plugins. You can download it here.

VirtuaWin download

Virtual Desktop Managers

This is yet another free but powerful tool available for Windows computer, just like other virtual desktop manager application VirtuaWin allows user to create up to four workspaces. These workspaces are highly customizable, each screen on different virtual console can be easily turned on or off  and Windows can be moved from one virtual console to another.

Functionality of VirtuaWin can be increased by using different plugins or modules that are available for the application. VirtuaWin is also available in portable version that can be used on multiple computers. You can get it here.

Among Desktop v2.0, Dexpot and VirtuaWin, VirtuaWin is the best virtual desktop manager application that offers many advanced features with the help of enhancement plugin and is available for free. We at TWC strongly recommend using a virtual desktop manager to manage your desktop console if you do multiple task and were looking for a clean desktop UI.

Did we miss your favorite software? Please do share it in the comments section.

This post shows how to use Virtual Desktops in Windows 10.

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  1. Andrey de Oliveira

    Dexpot is a good choice! 🙂

  2. dncarac

    A single license for Dexpot is $31. Not free.

  3. Edward Kueng

    it’s free for private use. You only need to pay if you’re a company planning to install it on a bunch of computers or a school or something like that.

  4. Anthony

    it may be free but my Bitdefender software and Malware Bytes do not see Dexpot as harmless.

  5. Dan

    Dexpot also installs “OpenCandy” a known adware/malware program

  6. Thanks for this feedback. One has to be careful these days.

  7. joe

    just uncheck that option during the installation process

  8. habazlam

    I wouldn’t trust a software that would let you install an adware by default. Who knows what’s running its background!

  9. Maximilian

    Recent versions don’t let you, and now it’s full of even more PUPs that install when you first start the program. Don’t touch it with a bargepole.

  10. Just a Stranger

    Virtuoz Virtual Desktop is better version of Sysinternals Desktops

  11. dexpot is the best!
    I wish Microsoft will buy it to integrate in next Windows 10 build.
    Dexpot does everything you need for a power user experience. It replaces Linux desktop manager as well

  12. Bastiano

    VirtuaWin allows user to create up to 9 workspaces, not 4.

  13. Anonymous

    You can create up to 20 desktops, not 9 or 4.


    hello all
    I am under win7 and the only reason I would move to win10 is the virtual desktops; so good news if I can just add that feature to win7;
    after reading these posts, can someone confirm I can install DEXPOT for free for private use?
    what is the procedure for not getting adverts or malware (I run MalwareBytes?
    thanks a lot !

  15. James

    You’re ignorant. The guys who make the software have put so much of their personal time into it long before seeing any return from their investment. They’ve produced a pretty damn good product and allowed it to be used privately at no cost. Trust me, software developers really don’t want to include such things with their software but sometimes that decision gets made for them by various external factors and reasons often times not under their full control. Nothing is running in the background of their software product.

  16. Francisco Zarabozo

    Java, from Oracle, does that too. As many other respectable companies do. You cannot blame them for making money with free software out of the stupidity of users that don’t even take a look at what they are clicking “next” for.

  17. SecCam

    Dexpot is the hands down winner. Great app with lots of customization options and as far as i know, the only one of its kind that supports desktops with customizable desktop items/icons, thus the only one which deserves the designation of “Virtual Desktop”. Also it’s free for private use does not install malware.. Microsoft should have integrated this into Windows 10 instead of providing yet another “Virtual Monitor” as their implementation is definitely not a “Virtual Desktop”.

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