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A picture speaks more than 1000 words is a saying we all know. But, after the entry of GIF format, instead of using pictures, many prefer to use GIFs for short animations. These are used to express and convey the point clearly. Every blog, websites and even in social networking websites, GIFs are ruling the news feed. It might be comic, serious and anything can be conveyed through GIFs.

Now GIF creation became very easy, and we will see how we can create GIF using free online services.

Convert Video to GIF online

Previously, in order to convert an image or a video to GIF, you need to be a professional video editor. You needed to install software to get the required GIF. But, in present days, you can create GIF by just visiting the websites. There are many free online services which allow you to convert a video to GIF with just a few clicks. Just upload the video and wait for few minutes, and your GIF will be ready to share. I have listed down the best 3 free services that can help you convert video to GIF online.


Imgur has recently come up with the quality GIF creator. It allows you to loop your lovely moments and share it across by creating a GIF. When you visit the website, it asks you to enter the URL of the video which you want to convert to GIF.

Green mark in imgur GIF creator

Once the URL has been entered, it shows the green icon, indicating that the video can be converted to GIF, if not it shows you the red circle with a cross mark on it. Once the green icon appears, it starts the video in the video player.

imgur_Convert video to GIF online

It shows you two bars to select the start and end time of the GIF by dragging them, or you can even manually enter the time. It also allows you to enter the text to GIF. Maximum GIF length can be only 15 seconds, and that looks fine. Later when everything is set, click on Create GIF. It takes some good amount of time and then your GIF is ready, and if you want, you can share it to Imgur. Go here to create GIFs using Imgur.


Zamzar is an online conversion tool which allows you to convert file from one format to another. It also allows users to convert a video to GIF within minutes and that too of good quality. Once the visit the website, you can choose the video from your computer or enter the URL of the video. Click on URL link to gives the URL of the video. Later, select the target format to which you want to convert the video. Here, we select GIF as the target format.

Zamzar_Convert video to GIF online

In next step, you can give an email address, so that after conversion you will be getting the link to mail to download the converted file. In the last step click on “Convert” and the conversion starts. This is the best way to convert the video to GIF online. Zamzar allows you to file conversion up to 100 MB and if you want to convert more, then you need to sing up, and it is free. Visit Zamzar and start creating your GIFs free. allows you to create GIF from images, YouTube videos, and webcam videos and by uploading videos from your PC. Just upload your video or give the URL. Later, select the starting point of the video using the slider and then choose the length of your GIF. If you are not a registered user, then you can select the length of GIF as 5 seconds maximum and if you want to increase the length, then you must the registered user. Registration is 100% free. If everything is set, then click on “Create gif”.

makeagif_Convert video to GIF online

You can download the created GIF by clicking on the download button. As of now, this supports video file of size 25 MB maximum. It also shows the source link of the original video used to create the GIF. You will also get the Google Chrome extension of

See the sample GIF created using

makeagif sample_Convert video to GIF online

These are some of the best free sources to convert video to GIF online. Let us know if you have any favorites!

If you are looking for a free Windows software to Convert video files to animated GIF images, then Movie To GIF may interest you.

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