Best free Font Manager software for Windows 10

Whether you are a graphic designer or typographer, you probably would work with a large number of fonts. Organizing and managing font is indispensable if your industry involves working with hundreds and thousands of fonts. Working with a large number of fonts is challenging, and if you are looking to ease out the work, you may have to seek the help of Font Managers.

What is Font Manager and why you need them

Font managers are used to effectively manage a large number of fonts piled up in your system. Installing a large number of fonts on your computer system can deprive the performance of your system. Font manager is a perfect font organizer that loads only the fonts that are required and deactivates others thus maintaining system stability. It enables you to effectively arrange fonts into multiple groups, folders, and library to ease your work.

Additionally, the font manager scans your system looking out for the corrupted fonts and also repairs them. It offers a quick preview and enables you to rename the font files easily. It protects all the fonts in the system and prevents accidental deletion. Moreover, it automatically scans for the corrupted fonts and uninstalled the troublesome font caches from the system. In this article, we round up some of the best font managers for Windows 10.

Free Font Manager software for Windows

1] Font Base

Best free Font Manager software for Windows 10

Font Base is simple font manager application inbuilt with incredible features and offers an amazing way to work with fonts. It helps to organize a wide range of your fonts and search fonts from a vast library at your finger type. It allows you to use Google fonts from the google library and activates fonts without installation. Font Base is one place where you can play around with different font styles, learn combinations, play around with weights, preview tab, and experiment with different styles to H1, H2, and other page elements.  It enables you to preview and copy glyphs for any fonts in your group or libraries. Font Base is free to download and is supported by Windows and Linux. Get the software here.

2] Font Viewer

Font Viewer is a free font organizer that allows you to easily view all the installed fonts on your system at a single place. It arranges all your font in a grid which is easily accessible and enables you to quickly search fonts form the vast library all at the touch of a button. It allows you to experiment with different font styles, change the font colors, change the font size and background color in one click. Font Viewer allows you to rename the file folders and export the list with all the applied settings to a text file or a pdf file for later use. Download this software here.

3] Nexus Font

Nexus Font is a free font manager for Windows that offers an unmatched user interface to easily manage a wide range of fonts. The application is well designed that supports all the management tools that you would probably need for work. The software offers one-click super fast search for fonts from the large library and automatically scans for the troublesome fonts in the system. The Software offers font previews and enables you to compare different fonts in one click. Download this font manager here.

4] AMP Font Viewer

AMP Font Viewer is a free font manager program which groups installed fonts with several display options. It gives a quick preview of both installed and uninstalled fonts. The program supports OpenType fonts, TrueType fonts, and Type1 fonts. It offers a scrap pad area where you can experiment with different fonts, font styles, and weights.  TheAMP Font Viewer allows you to categorizes all the installed and uninstalled fonts in a single place. Download this software here.

5] Typograf

Typograf is a freeware font manager application for Windows that display all the font properties at a single place. It enables you to group fonts into sets, compares different fonts and quickly searches fonts based on typeface classification. The software displays all the font information, file data and allows you to edit font information on the main screen. The software supports OpenType fonts, TrueType fonts, Type1 fonts, Printer fonts, Postscript type 1 fonts, and bitmap fonts. Typograf allows you to quickly preview font files on network and supports all the font file management functions. It allows you to choose an appropriate type, mix and match typefaces. Download this software here.

7] Advanced Font Viewer

Advanced Font Viewer is a handy font manager software for Windows to widen your collection of fonts. The programs offer a user-friendly interface to arrange vast font collections in multiple folder and libraries. The program enables you to view all the fonts simultaneously in a single place. The software enables you to experiment with different font styles, learn combinations, use different weights, preview tab, and play with different font styles. Download the software here.

PS: Take a look at FontFrenzy too.

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