Best free Browser speed & performance online test tools

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  1. Thanks for this reminder about browser speed and usability tests!

    I just tried the lot of them using only the current Pale Moon browser, which has my plugins, Noscript ABE rules, configuration tweaks and usual tracker blockers popular in Mozilla browsers; on most of the tests, I came in about the same as Firefox and slower than Chrome due to tweaks.

    I also have a recently new plugin which allows blocking of canvas fingerprinting which I’ve been testing (unlike one in TOR which returns a blank canvas); not that I am desirous of Torrifying, just blocking inane trackers ala Ghostery…it’s surprising to see how many sites are using “sign up with zip and email for discounts” popups as part of a silent canvas fingerprinter.

    Anyway, the MS “Lite Brite” and Browsermark tests wouldn’t run, each telling me I had a browser which didn’t allow me full advantages of CSS3, recommending I upgrade to IE11 or other “modern” browser. To my knowledge, CSS3 separates fonts, colors, and layouts to facilitate accessibility, but is not dependent upon canvas fingerprints to figure out how to best serve browsers…as my ability to take the remaining tests, and ability to use the web generally, would support.

    Hope these coincidental observations re canvas fingerprinting as “essential” are useful to those interested in adblocker plugins for FF/Chrome, as such canvas in other reports appears to be gaining swiftly in site deployments for state of the art tracking; thanks again, cheers!

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