How to forward multiple emails at once from Gmail

Although Gmail has so many useful features, it does not allow you to forward more than one email at the same time once. If you want to forward multiple emails at once from Gmail, you can use this Chrome extension called Multi Forward for Gmail. Please keep in mind that you can forward only 100 emails in a day if you have a regular Gmail account. However, if you have Google Apps for Work/Edu/Gov account, it is possible to forward 1500 emails per day.

Forward multiple emails at once from Gmail

Download and install this Multi Forward for Gmail extension first.

After that, open Gmail account and select all the emails that you want to forward. You will find a new extension related icon in the ‘icon bar,’ saying Multi Forward. Click this icon.

Forward multiple emails at once from Gmail

Now you have to allow this extension to access your emails. For that, click the Sign-in button.

After that, you need to enter your Gmail account’s username and password. If you have enabled two-factor authentication, you need to verify that as well.

After doing everything, you should find a message like – Authentication succeeded. You can now forward messages.

If you close that popup, you will see this window like-

Here you can enter your recipient’s email address. You can enter multiple email addresses as well.

Once you click the Multi-Forward button, all your selected emails will be sent.

If you like it, you can download the Chrome extension from here.

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