Fix Font size problem when working with multiple apps in Windows 10

Many people have faced an issue which causes different Font size to display in different apps when working with multiple apps on Windows PC. Many times, we need to open multiple software like Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, etc. simultaneously. Now if they start displaying different font sizes, you may not like that. In this case, you need to follow these solutions to get rid of this issue on Windows 10/8/7.

Font size problem when working with multiple apps

For your information, there is no one-click solution to this issue. You can try any of these suggestions and see which of these, help you get the same font size on any app.

1] Change scaling

Fix font size problem in Windows 10 when working with multiple apps

If you have recently upgraded your monitor and started facing this issue, you may need to adjust the display scaling. Although it always set to 100%, which is recommended, your new monitor will allow you to change this scaling.

To do so, go to Settings > System > Display. On the right-hand side, you should find an option called “Scale and layout.” Click the drop-down menu, and select a custom scaling. Try a few options till you get the things right.

2] Change display font size

If you are using Windows 10 v1703, you may not find this option, but if you are using an older Windows 10 build or older Windows version like Windows 8.1/7, you will see a “Display” option in Control Panel. On that screen, you would be able to change the font size of Title bars, Menus, message boxes, icons, etc. The default size is 9. However, if it has been changed, you need to set it to 9 and save your settings.

3] Use same resolution for multiple monitors

Fix font size problem in Windows 10 when working with multiple apps

If you have more than one monitor and they have different resolutions, there is a 100% chance that you would face this different font size issue. The higher resolution screen will show a comparatively smaller font than the lower resolution monitor.

It is recommended to use the same resolution screen. If you are facing this issue on your multiple monitors, you should check whether both or all of the monitors are using the same resolution or not. To check this, open Settings panel > System > Display. Now, select each monitor, and check their resolution under “Resolution” section. If different values are set, you need to make them same.

4] Update graphics driver

You may need to update your graphics driver. If an update is available, you should install that right away. Many times, it has solved such problems.

5] Rebuild Font cache

You might want to rebuild Font cache and see if that helps.

Hope these simple suggestions would be helpful for you.

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