Fix: Unable to or cannot print Web pages in Internet Explorer


  1. “Now in this folder, create a new folder and name it Temp.”
    Actually the folder should be named “Low”.

  2. I have applied this fix, adding the Low folder and setting integrity level, to my Windows 8.1 system several times. It works for a few days then reverts back to not being able to print. It is frustrating having to repeatedly redo this, any suggestions on getting this to be permanent?

  3. Well for everyone out there that has been trying to
    fix a no print or print preview problem with Internet Explorer I have found the
    answer to the problem. It’s a totally different fix not mentioned in any of the
    100s of webpages I have been researching for over a month now. The most common
    fixs that DON’T work are listed below at least they didn’t work for me. Below
    them is how I fix it. I can’t believe that even Microsoft has no suggestions
    about this.

    The dosen’t work section:

    Scenario 1: Your video card or video driver
    is outdated or corrupt. Note Outdated or corrupted printer
    drivers can also cause script errors when printing from Internet Explorer

    Scenario 2: You may not have printer permissions assigned

    Scenario 3: Protected Mode is enabled for the Internet security zone of
    the web page

    Scenario 4: There is an issue with temporary folders on your user
    account and the Low folder under the %TEMP% location has been deleted

    My long awaited fix for no printing on Explorer. This is
    for Win 7 32 bit but should work with 64 bit Explorer too. Finally something
    different to try. It just so happens that when Explorer installs it often fails
    to resister some of it’s DLL files. There are complicated ways to register DLL
    files but I and going to give you a simple way to do it. First open My Computer
    and go to “C:Program FilesInternet Explorer” open up the folder “Internet
    Explorer” and click “type” to arrange the files by type. This puts all the DLLs
    together. Now double click on the first DLL. You will get an “open with” box.
    Click on “Browse” and go to “C:windowssystem32” and find the file called “regsvr32.exe”.
    Choose that file to open all DLL files. Now go back to the first DLL in the “C:Program
    FilesInternet Explorer” folder and double click on it. You will probably get
    an error message that it can’t be found. This only means it’s already
    registered and operating. Double click each DLL one by one and you will start
    to notice that some will say “registration successful”. Finish them all in that
    folder. This may not work for everyone but for Gods sake, its something new to
    try and it worked great for me.

  4. Yep – the folder is “cleaned” by many anti-virus programs. If you “upgraded” to the new Norton Security and used their default settings, it’s one of the many things that gets broken on your computer.

  5. It’s the result of your Norton Security doing “optimization” on your computer. If you accepted their default settings, Norton (and probably other AV utilities) erases the Low folder every time it is permitted to “optimize” your machine.

    The worst thing is that there is no easy way to stop these “utilities” from messing up with working Windows files. The idiots who designed the optimization should be fired.

  6. I don’t have Norton Security and I do not have an AV that does any sort of “optimization” of my file system.

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