Error 1079, Windows Time, Windows Event Log, Windows Firewall services fail to start


  1. Incredible, this is disbelief, has left me with this system instead of with the Network Service Account. Thanks a lot Mr. Anand =))

  2. Didn’t work for me. I am still receiving the same error. Anything else I can do to fix this issue.

  3. If you make this change are you less protected in W8.1? Can you go back to “Local Service” and how? What is the password?

  4. My computer clock wont keep time while running. I have searched and searched for a solution.
    This post, I believe, has help me solve the problem. (and no, its not the MB battery).
    Once I know for sure this worked, I will post “my fix” so it might help other. This is a big problem
    in windows that I had found out.
    Thanks for posting your 2 cents!!!

  5. Thanks a lot. This solved it for me. Don’t understand what exactly caused it and what solved it but I’m just happy it works.

  6. This was the only solution I found in the internet that really worked. Thank you very much!

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