Error 1079, Windows Time, Windows Event Log, Windows Firewall services fail to start

If you find that one or more of the following specified services, ie, Windows Time, Windows Event Log, Windows Firewall services fail to start, with Error 1079, on your computer that is running Windows 10/8/7/Vista or Windows Server, then this article may interest you.

The services in question are:

  • Windows Time  (W32Time)
  • Windows Event Log  (eventlog)
  • Windows Firewall  (MpsSvc)

Windows Time, Event Log, Firewall services fail to start

Error 1079, The account specified for this service is different

Every service, every process in Windows 10 has an account associated with it. For Services, it is Local Service account. These accounts are used to manage system applications on the OS. It may so happen, that the services we mentioned above are being managed by the Local System account instead of Local Service account (NT AUTHORITY\LocalService).

It fails because the Local System account doesn’t have sufficient permissions to start the service.

Error 1079, The account specified for this service is different

Moreover,  when you try to start the service/s manually, you may receive the following error message:

Error 1079: The account specified for this service is different from the account specified for other services running in the same process.

In such a case, KB2478117 recommends that you ensure that the service is being started by the Local System account instead of by the Local Service account (NT AUTHORITY\LocalService).

To do so, type services.msc in start search and hit Enter to open Windows Services.

Here is how to change the user for Windows Time Service:

  1. Locate, and double click on Windows Time service.
  2. Switch to the Log On tab
  3. It should be set to Local System account because of which it is failing.
  4. Switch to This account, and then type “NT AUTHORITY\LocalService”
  5. You can also click on Browse > Advanced > Find Now and then locate the Local Service user account.
  6. Leave both the Password fields blank.
  7. Click Apply and then OK.

To change it for the Firewall Service, scroll down to the service in question, say, Windows Firewall service and double click on it to open its Properties box.

Click Log On tab and under This account, type NT AUTHORITY\LocalService. You may set both Password fields blank.

Click Apply/OK.

In case of Windows Firewall service, repeat this step for the Base Filtering Engine service too, as BFE is a Service that manages firewall and Internet Protocol security.

Similarly do so, for the Event Log Service.

Now you will be able to start the Services.

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