How to find out who is using your WiFi Wireless Network


  1. Or, if you are not n00b, connect to your router’s GUI, and check the “attached devices” page…

  2. Connecting to your Router is not a noobs job 🙂 they doesnt know how to go inside 😀
    Wireless Network Watcher would be good for noobs…
    and as for me, i dont use this kind of apps, i go directly to my router or if im too lazy to do that, i’ll just disconnect my laptop’s wi-fi and see the routers Wi-Fi LED light if its still ON, then from I’ll know someone is connecting to my Wi-Fi network…

  3. You mean CLI (I’d hope) and redk9258 could very much be correct in his/her statement. I’ve seen one myself, or rather confirmed not seeing one…

  4. I have been using Network Magic from PureNetworks (Cisco) V4.9.8225

    When an unexpected devise shows up, you can “Track As Intruder” – a feature that I have never needed to use. Two other features:
    1 – a great loking network map of all devises online.
    2 – a very good network repair procedure.

    Network Magic provides the same basic info that Wireless Network Watcher and Zamzom Wireless Network Tool do.

  5. The link to Wireless Network Watcher doesn’t work (connection reset) and the nirsoft site fails in the same way as soon as you try to get information about, or download this software – so I’m not going to trust them, even if I could get the software!

  6. Cisco only shows DHCP clients on the standard firmware interface on WRT54G2. Devices connected at static IP’s don’t show up. I guess you could set up only spots for the number of static IP’s you need. Most people don’t usually do that.

  7. I’m sure if you’re that worried about someone else using your wireless illegally then why not just reset the password on your router. That will confirm.

  8. There are some apps made by Nirsoft, for instance Chromepass, that will be flagged by any anti-virus. These programs are designed to be run by you, the user, in the event you forget your password.They are safe. I use Wireless Network Watcher and it is the easiest so far I have seen.

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