How to Find and Replace all Images in Word at once

Microsoft Word helps us in many ways during the documentation or submitting the abstract for your project. It also allows us to find the text normally or using a regular expression which makes it easy to find and replace any text. But, what if you have some images in Word document and want to replace all of them with the another image? Suppose, say you have used the image as a separator for chapters of you have used your company logo in the Word document at various places and want to replace all of them at once with another image. Finding and replacing each image individually can be a tedious task. n this article, I will let you know how to Find and Replace all Images in Word at once.

Find and Replace all Images in Word

Just remember that using this method will replace all images in Word with a new image and it cannot be done for images selectively. MS Word provides us the feature to find all images automatically. Let us jump into the steps to do so.

Open the Word document which you want to replace. Just have a look at the images which you want to replace.

replace images in microsoft word

Next, insert the new image at the top of the document which you use to replace other images

Right-click on the newly inserted image and select “Copy”. This will copy the image to your clipboard. New you can delete the newly inserted image as it is of no use to us anymore.

Find and Replace all Images in Word

Now it is the time to find and replace all images in your Word document with a new one.

To do so, press CTRL+H which allows you to Find and Replace in Word document.

Type ^g in ‘Find what’ text box and type ^c in ‘Replace with’ field. Now, click “Replace All” to replace all images in MS Word with the new copied image.

replace all images in word

It will raise the prompt mentioning the number of replacements. Click “OK” and close the ‘Find and Replace’ dialog box.

confirm replace images

You will now see that all the images have got replaced with the new one. If you do not want any of the images getting replaced, then you can make changes manually.

replace all images in ms word

How Does It Work?

Actually, we used the well-known find and replace method. Every image in Word document is treated as graphics and we find it using ^g and replacing it with the copied image using ^c.

Hope this Word trick helps you to get your task done easily.

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