Microsoft by the Numbers: Interesting facts and figures about Microsoft

Numbers are the greatest invention or maybe discovery of the human mankind. Being able to count and calculate is the finest thing the ancient human has developed. And with this modernizing world we’ve come so far but we still care a lot about numbers. Numbers are everywhere, the screen you are currently viewing is probably getting its data in form of numbers. Numbers actually stand out and gives you the information that the abstract languages couldn’t. Microsoft by the Numbers is a great story from Microsoft Story Labs that talks all about numbers related to Microsoft and its products.

Facts about Microsoft

The website is a wonderful representation of stats and how the Microsoft products have performed in the past. Be it the number of downloads, number of users, number of students, this story by Story Labs is just awesome. You get to know a lot more about Microsoft and its products once you go through all the slides.

Facts about Microsoft

So talking about numbers, there are 28 slides in total each discussing some bizarre numerical facts about Microsoft Products.

Did you know that more than 400 million devices are running Windows 10? And that too from 192 countries which are nearly every country that exists.

If you could imagine then, the Microsoft’s Fibre Optic network could stretch to the moon and over and that too no less than 3 times. And the total minute of calls made by Skype users adds up to 3 million each day.

Another interesting fact about Microsoft is that the employees in Redmond, Washington eats up to 984,000 orders of French fries in campus cafeterias.

And that the Microsoft Office has been downloaded on iPhones, iPads, and other Android Devices for more than over 340 million times., Microsoft’s very own free email and calendar service has reached more than 400 million active users and still growing.

If you collect all the pixels from aerial imagery within Bing Maps, you could line them up to make four round trips to Venus, and still you’ll be left with some pixels.

Another interesting and artistic fact about Microsoft is that the Microsoft Art Collection contains about 4728 pieces including a piece of the Berlin Wall making it one of the biggest corporate art collections in the world.

Imagine Cup, a student technology competition, held by Microsoft has had more than over 1.65 million students from around the world.

See, this is how numbers can leave you stunned! There are many other facts and figure that await you and I will not reveal them. Click here to go to Microsoft by Numbers. Research them further and know how they were actually calculated.

Be it financial facts, the number of users or just another thing that could spin up your mind for a while, each of those 28 facts have been beautifully laid out and are quite impressive.

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