Microsoft Excel Online tips and tricks to help you get started

From students to businessmen – Microsoft Excel can be a very useful tool for all who want to create reports, charts, tables and so on. When someone needs to create a chart using a free tool, Microsoft Excel Online is the first tool that should come to mind. Unlike Excel desktop version, Microsoft Office Online is free, and all the files get saved to OneDrive, which in turn can help users manage Excel sheets from anywhere. To get more familiar with this tool, here are some Microsoft Excel Online tips and tricks to help you get started.

Excel Online tips and tricks

1] Use Functions

Microsoft Excel Online tips and tricks

Functions are probably the backbone of the web version of Microsoft Excel. There are different functions available including Cube function, Engineering function, Financial function, Logical function and so on. You can use all these functions from the Insert section. To use this feature go to Insert > Function > Select the function category and enter a Function. Following that, you can utilize it just like the desktop version. Check out this page to know more about Excel Functions.

2] Create a Survey

Microsoft Excel Online tips and tricks

Many times, we need to create polls to get user feedback or gather information. If you use Microsoft Excel Online, you do not have to use any other third party survey makers, since Excel can handle that task easily. It is also possible to share the survey with others. To create a survey, click on Insert > Survey > New Survey > Add questions, mark fields as required (if necessary). Now, you will get two options i.e. Share Survey & Save and View. If you want to share the survey with someone, click on the first option. Otherwise, click on the second option. All the surveys will be saved in that particular Excel file.

3] Install Add-ins to add functionality

Microsoft Excel Online tips and tricks

Add-ins help users to do even more. Similar to web browsers, you can install add-ins in Microsoft Excel Online as well. There are tons of add-ins available for Excel Online. To install an add-in, go to Insert > Office Add-ins. Here you can choose an add-in by category or name. Click on the “Add” button and wait for a few moments to get it installed. To start using an add-in, you have to click on START button for the first time after installation.

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4] Share Excel sheet with others

Microsoft Excel Online tips and tricks

As this is a web tool, you can create shared Excel sheet and let others view or edit your sheet. There is no need to take help from another tool since Microsoft Excel Online can do that job well. You can share a document with two different privacy settings. The first one will let others edit the file and the second one will let others only view the sheet. To do this, create a sheet > click on Share button visible on the top right position. On the following popup, you need to generate the link and select permissions.

5] Add a comment

Microsoft Excel Online tips and tricks

At times, we need to elaborate a particular function or value to understand it better or to act as a reminder in future. Suppose you have created a shared Excel sheet, and you need to clarify a few things for the benefit of others. At such times, you can add a comment and write down everything. To add a comment, select a cell > right-click and select Insert Comment. Alternatively, you can go to Insert tab > click on the Comment button.

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