Enhanced Services Explorer for Windows from Technet


  1. Thanks a lot for feeding us with excellent and topical info on IT. I have been trying (at my age of 75) many of your suggestions with Windows 7 Ultimate. Lately, I found a strange happening with a reasonably good applet, named ClipboardWatcher. Normally, if the EXE file is directly clicked,it works fine, as you described – no problem. However, if you make a shortcut of the EXE file on the desktop, StartMenu, or Taskbar (Win7), and click it to load the applet, THE SCREEN RESOLUTION OF THE COMPUTER CHANGES from the initially set 1280 X 1024 to 640 X 480 pixels, although the applet appears to work outside the screen boundaries!! Further, to come back to the original screen resolution, one HAS TO unload the SHORTCUT-CLICKED loaded applet !!!!! This does not happen with the directly-loaded applet using the tiny exe file.
    Strange, to say the least.

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